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1.6 million acres of cotton in Shaya County are in full swing

1.6 million acres of cotton in Shaya County are in full swing In March, spring is coming. As the temperature continues to rise, Xinjiang cotton has ushered in the sowing period. In…

1.6 million acres of cotton in Shaya County are in full swing

In March, spring is coming. As the temperature continues to rise, Xinjiang cotton has ushered in the sowing period. In Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture, a national high-quality cotton production base county, cotton sowing work on 1.6 million acres is in full swing. In the fields, modern large-scale agricultural machinery shuttles sowing seeds, which has greatly improved the level of agricultural modernization, allowing cotton farmers to save worry and effort and increase their income.

On March 28, in a cotton field in Ake Village, Gubague Town, Shaya County, several modern agricultural machinery were operating in the field, and the scene was very spectacular. Ma Wenbin, an employee of Daxin Agricultural Machinery Cooperative in Shaya County, is taking his employees to inspect the cotton ditching, planting and film laying. Relying on accurate Beidou satellite navigation and positioning, the unmanned cotton seeder can independently complete the laying of mulch film, drip irrigation tape, precision sowing and other links. Compared with the traditional semi-mechanized sowing method, it not only saves more than 50% of cotton. It also greatly saves manpower, improves land utilization, and facilitates later mechanized field operations and picking.

Ma Wenbin, an employee of Daxin Agricultural Machinery Cooperative in Shaya County, said: “Our cooperative plans to plant 8,600 acres of cotton this year. The sowing started today. Now it is all mechanized farming, which is particularly worry-free and labor-saving. Each machine can sow an average of 100 acres a day. For example, the 8,600 acres of land in our cooperative can be planted in about 15 days, and the planting is precise and easy to manage later.”

Ma Wenbin is a villager in Kumutokayi Village, Gulebag Town. The 34-year-old Ma Wenbin has been growing cotton for 10 years. When he first started planting cotton, problems such as poor production infrastructure and low level of mechanized farming once put his cotton planting into a bottleneck. In recent years, as Shaya County actively promotes the construction of high-standard farmland, vigorously implements high-efficiency water-saving projects, and continues to increase agricultural machinery subsidies and land transfer and other policy support, cotton farmers’ income from cotton planting has continued to increase, and his family’s cotton fields have continued to increase. The level of mechanization is getting higher and higher, and the returns are getting better and better. In 2017, he invested 400 acres of his cotton field into his uncle’s cooperative for large-scale operation and joint development. The annual income exceeded 350,000 yuan, which strengthened his determination to grow cotton. With the increasing scale of the cooperative, the cooperative has more than 100 sets of large-scale agricultural machinery. In addition to meeting the cooperative’s planting needs, it also provides agricultural services to surrounding farmers. Modern smart agricultural machinery has become an “accelerator” to promote the development of the cooperative’s various businesses.

“All of our land is high-standard farmland, and cotton planting is fully mechanized. We use seeders for cotton sowing, drones for management, and cotton pickers for harvesting. Cotton production has also increased relatively. Last year, the average cotton yield per mu reached 400 kilograms. This year, we will manage it well and do more research on technology to try to increase the yield per mu,” Ma Wenbin said.

Shaya County has a temperate continental arid climate. Its unique light and heat resources have contributed to the high quality of cotton, and it is a “major county” for cotton planting. Since 2015, Shaya County has adhered to the “Road of Excellent Cotton”, vigorously promoted the construction of high-standard farmland, carried out moderately large-scale operations, and continued to increase water-saving capacity building, agricultural mechanization, and various supporting facilities needed for modern agriculture. With large investment and construction efforts, these problems that restrict industrial development have been effectively solved in the long term. It also actively cultivates and develops various forms of moderate-scale operation models, mainly based on the “farmers + cooperatives” model, supplemented by “farmers + cooperatives + companies” and “farmers + family farms”, breaking the traditional scattered planting model of small farmers in the past and allowing The utilization rate of agricultural resources such as water and soil has been greatly improved, and the application of unmanned tractors, plant protection drones, automatic baling cotton picking machines, residual film recycling machines, etc. has been widely promoted. >Modern agricultural machinery has realized the full mechanization of the cotton industry, and the county’s mechanization rate has reached over 98%.

Adili Toheti, deputy mayor of the party committee of Gulebag Town, Shaya County, said: “This year, the cotton planting area in the town is 140,000 acres. Sowing started in late March and is expected to end on April 20. For To do a good job in cotton sowing this year, we closely focused on the working idea of ​​”optimizing structure, refining cotton, promoting industry, and increasing efficiency” and guided farmers to adopt technologies such as mechanized precision sowing and dry sowing and wet sowing. The mechanization rate of the town reached 100%. .At the same time, we continue to optimize the industrial structure, give full play to the role of scientific and technological talents, local talents and business entities, and make good use of resources such as insurance and finance to continuously strengthen the cotton industry and ensure This year’s cotton production will increase and incomes will increase, injecting vitality into the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization.”

It is understood that Shaya County will optimize and adjust the agricultural industrial structure in 2023, and plans to plant 1.6 million acres of cotton, all of which will be machine-picked cotton, and will actively adopt new technologies such as precision seeding, drip irrigation under the film, and dry sowing and wet seeding. Improve thequality of cotton sowing and the level of agricultural modernization. At present, the county has invested more than 8,000 agricultural machinery and tools to ensure the smooth progress of spring cotton sowing. The county’s cotton sowing work is expected to be completed before April 25.



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