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There is a queue for this fabric, and demand exceeds supply! The “business experience” of weaving manufacturers is here!

“The four-sided bubble jacquard is waiting in line, and the machines in our factory don’t even have time to weave it!” Recently, this jacquard fabric has become popular in the Jian…

The four-sided bubble jacquard is waiting in line, and the machines in our factory don’t even have time to weave it!

Recently, this jacquard fabric has become popular in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang weaving markets. “Recently, we have a customer who placed an order for 50,000 meters of four-sided elastic bubble jacquard, which will be completed by the end of April. Generally, the quantity of jacquard fabrics is not large. There have been several orders placed on this fabric market recently, although the total quantity is only It’s more than 100,000 meters, but it’s enough to keep the manufacturers busy for a while,” said a textile boss who specializes in jacquard fabrics.

The special feature of the four-sided stretch bubble jacquard is that it combines the characteristics of fashionable spring elastic fabric with the renovation of weaving style. Elastic fabric itself has been a hot-selling fabric in recent years. Coupled with the weaving style of leading machines and displayed in the form of jacquard, it is relatively novel. The color and pattern follow the new trends at home and abroad and are quite popular. It can be used to make fashionable and retro classical clothing, cheongsam, skirts, suit jackets, etc.

Four-sided bubble jacquard requires queuing up to get the goods, which also has its own special features. The output is low, which means the supply exceeds the demand. Four-sided stretch bubble jacquard requires the use of air-jet jacquard machines. However, air-jet looms have a small market share in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the output of air-jet jacquard machines is also much lower than that of water-jet machines. According to the owner of the above-mentioned jacquard fabric, an average-sized jet manufacturer has 5-6 machines a day to produce this four-sided bubble jacquard, with a daily output of 2-3,000 meters, which leads to a shortage of it. situation.

Sales of jet fabrics are gradually increasing

Except for this four-sided elastic bubble jacquard, the trading volume of other jet products is also showing a fluctuating upward trend. As far as the recent market is concerned, although it has entered the traditional peak season, the current sales situation of weaving enterprises is still difficult to open up, and there are few products for sale, especially conventional fabrics such as polyester taffeta and pongee, which occupy a large market share. Sales But not as expected. However, jet products have always been different from water spray products, and there is no obvious distinction between low and peak seasons.

It is also a jacquard fabric, but the market of water-jet jacquard fabric is not satisfactory, which creates a big gap with air-jet jacquard fabric. The owner of a water-jet jacquard company told the editor: “The jacquard fabric business is generally two to three thousand meters long. It should be the peak season, but there is no trace of the peak season at all. The overall market is not very good, and the water-jet jacquard fabric business is generally not very good. Product competition is too great.” The high-end feel and feel of air-jet jacquard cannot be replaced by ordinary water-jet fabrics, so air-jet jacquard is “uniquely favored” in the market.

Jet products have high operating rate and great competitive advantages

Since 2017, under the influence of supply-side reform and environmental protection rectification, the textile industry has significantly reduced overcapacity. Many textile companies have also changed their machines from water spray to air jet, or added jet machines. Since then, jet fabrics have become more popular. Many companies are improving their competitiveness, producing mid-to-high-end air-jet fabrics, and working hard on quality and creativity in pattern styles to increase product added value and enhance market competitiveness.

At present, manufacturers in Xiaoshao, Shengze, Changxing, Changshu and other textile industry clusters have been unable to significantly increase their weaving start-up rates due to recurring epidemics since the Spring Festival. According to the statistics of sample enterprises monitored by China Silk City Network, the current load of water-jet looms in Shengze is 73%, the load of warp knitting machines in Haining and Changshu is about 60%, and the operating rate of Xiaoshao circular knitting machines is only 53%. However, Shengze The regional jet market operation rate is relatively high, above 80%.

“Nowadays, the operating rate of air-jet looms in Shengze market is generally higher than that of water-jet looms. Because the total production capacity is not high, most manufacturers’ machines are basically running at full capacity, and some can maintain 80-90%. The startup level.” The boss of a certain jet manufacturer said that in addition to making orders, some jet manufacturers will also make market goods to meet the market’s demand for gray fabric procurement.

Jet products have strong survivability

In addition, since the beginning of the year, raw materials and other commodities have been affected by sharp increases due to geopolitical factors. The costs of textile companies are naturally increasing, but compared to water-jet manufacturers, the cost pressure of air-jet manufacturers is much lighter. For products with high added value, manufacturers have enough say and relatively large profit margins. Even when customers lower prices, profits will not be lost and a certain level of profit can still be guaranteed.

Taking four-sided bubble jacquard as an example, the market price is mostly 6.3 yuan/meter, but the company’s recent orders have been pushed down to 6 yuan/meter by customers. The price difference of 0.3 yuan/meter, for conventional water spray products, determines the company’s losses. “The price difference of 0.3 yuan will definitely have an impact on profits, but the general market is not very good. When they can maintain their capital, many manufacturers have accepted it. If the price of raw materials increases, we can’t increase the number of customers, so we have to bear it ourselves. ” said a textile boss who specializes in jacquard fabrics.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, terminal demand has weakened and domestic and foreign trade have fluctuated, which has more or less had a certain impact on the textile market. But overall, the air-jet market is less affected by overcapacity and the market is slightly better; If the market improves, it will be better than the water-jet loom companies. Recover quickly. The current orders received by water spray manufacturers and air jet manufacturers also prove that increasing the added value of products will naturally lead to more orders.


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