How to wear versatile coats in winter

In the final analysis, a good clothing has some essential characteristics. Clothing matching must not only show its distinctive personality, but more importantly, it must sublimate…

In the final analysis, a good clothing has some essential characteristics. Clothing matching must not only show its distinctive personality, but more importantly, it must sublimate the personality into a clothing culture concept recognized by the world. An elegant and handsome woolen coat is an indispensable temperament coat in winter. As a versatile outerwear item of the season, the inner wear of the woolen coat is not very picky, but for girls who want to wear a gentle temperament For us, it is more appropriate to wear an elegant and warm sweater skirt underneath a woolen coat.

How about a versatile coat in winter?  Match

Korean style Harajuku slim lapel women’s mid-length woolen coat

This woolen coat can give people the feeling of lifting up your temperament as soon as you put it on. It is an increasingly popular style. The style of this woolen coat is simple and elegant. In terms of shape, it can be said that it is… The temperament wins. The simple and elegant silhouette and the large lapel design will make you look energetic, giving you a casual yet elegant feeling. The length is below the knee, the upper body is also very good-looking, and it is not flattering to the figure. The waist design is decorated with a belt.
This woolen coat can even more modify the graceful figure of girls! The generous solid color design makes it more versatile. When paired with a sweater skirt, it has an elegant and mature temperament.

Fat girls add weight and enlarge knitted half turtleneck women’s long sweater skirt

I like the freedom, the little laziness, and the casual feeling that makes people deeply fascinated. The thick knitted sweater dress, the loose and vague waist, the simple mid-length design, very slim and versatile, not picky at all The figure, paired with a woolen coat, looks very stylish even if you are fat or thin! It is very thick and is an excellent inner layering item.
It’s also very classy to wear outside! The solid-color pit stripes and various three-dimensional knitting techniques look ingenious, seemingly simple, but full of fun.

Harajuku style women’s mid-length woolen coat

If you don’t have a good-looking woolen coat in winter, you won’t be able to walk confidently! This woolen coat is the choice that you can wear to help you resist the cooling weather without losing your style. The extra-long woolen coat that reaches the calf is very aura to wear. The cocoon-shaped version is not only loose, but also makes you look slimmer behind it.
The elegant double lapel design can better modify the neck line.

Korean style mid-length sweater skirt

The classic and fashionable collar design is elegant and elegant. It highlights the elegant and noble temperament of women. The slit design at the hem is beautiful and charming, and can perfectly modify your beautiful legs. The comfortable and natural sleeves look neat and elegant, with moderate elasticity, making the arms appear longer, and the decoration of the fringe sleeves is more beautiful and elegant.

mid-length woolen coat

This type of woolen coat is not picky! It is easy to wear for anyone tall, short, fat or thin! It is very tolerant! It hides body fat! It is a cocoon-shaped style that has been very popular in recent years! It can be worn by any shoulder shape. Small people can also wear it, and it looks taller visually. Tall people can wear it even more elegantly!!! In short, it is a completely unobtrusive style. This woolen coat is very suitable for little people. The thigh-length coat not only makes your legs look longer but also makes you look elegant. The simple and elegant solid color style makes this woolen coat suitable for a variety of outfits. The bean paste green is very fresh, the caramel color is warm and fashionable, and the black is classic, and it looks great with a sweater skirt.

Rolled half turtleneck loose slimming ribbed mid-length sweater skirt

Girls in autumn and winter are all lazy cats. This piece can just solve the problem of matching. Just put on a coat, woolen coat, and vest when you go out, and you will look very good. You can wear it alone when going on a date in an air-conditioned room to expose your thin legs. The whole piece looks elegant, has a tall style, and the fit is relatively loose and very tolerant. For girls with fatter upper bodies or thighs, this model can really fit in. It won’t weigh you down and can cover your body. The flesh is very fleshy, and the texture of the vertical grooves on the outside is also very slimming, but the magical version is the upper and lower back. The entire version will make people look extremely slim.

Winter girls’ black mid-length woolen coat

The minimalist and elegant style is completely unafraid of the test of time. It is still timeless this year. The upper body is very aura. Classic black is still the home of this year. The skirt-style buttoned coat. Different combinations can have different styles. , paired with small high heels, it is super suitable for girls who are new to the workplace, or for white-collar workers to wear when meeting clients. Compared with the styles of various coats released before,
Bigger, more advanced, and more focused on temperament. This way of wearing is more feminine, and can also create a complete look like a dark style with a black hat. Wearing a slim-fitting sweater skirt will look slimming!

New autumn and winter mid-length lantern sleeve sweater dress

A warm and soft sweater dress is essential in autumn and winter.��The pure color refreshing and clean yarn is selected from worsted rabbit velvet elastic yarn, which has a delicate and soft texture, is very skin-friendly and very comfortable to wear. The important thing is that the yarn of this sweater is added with anti-corrosion resistance. The ball fiber will not easily pill due to friction. The loose version covers the flesh and makes you look slimmer. The hem is equipped with weaving methods of different textures to increase the volume and drape, making it more sweet. The raglan puff sleeves are The design is versatile and age-reducing. It looks great when paired with many of the large coats that are popular this year. Even when worn alone, it still shows a gentle and feminine temperament.

Women’s imitation mink round neck mid-length sweater dress

You can feel the warm breath as soon as you put it on. The imitation mink velvet material is plush, and you can feel the intimate warmth with your touch. The twist sweater itself exudes a soft retro atmosphere, and it is also a popular choice in the fashion circle. The elements that will not be lost will look very gentle when paired with a woolen coat.

Women’s knitted mid-length sweater dress

Don’t worry that little people can’t wear this skirt, because it comes with a belt! You can wear it straight or tied up, and it’s not flattering at all. The style is casual, not too tight, and it can slightly highlight your figure. The high neckline also looks great when paired with it, and it’s no problem to wear a skirt underneath a long one.
I chose the corrugated texture of vertical stripes because vertical stripes make me look slimmer. I don’t want to wear something too ordinary. I wear a skirt on the outside or inside. I use a spliced ​​woolen skirt and a polka-dot skirt to create a really layered look. It’s great. It’s long and easy to wear, so you can wear it with a coat or a sweater.
If you don’t know how to match it, look at my pictures, so many combinations cannot be wasted!!

Artistic half turtleneck pullover with mid-length sweater skirt

A sweater skirt that is very suitable for artistic girls. The light pink color like strawberry yogurt will sweeten your heart every minute, and the pure and natural white color also has a very elegant atmosphere~ The version is not too loose and does not fit behind the body when worn. It will appear cumbersome. A solid-color sweater skirt can solve the trouble of matching in autumn and winter. The relaxed and loose version is tolerant and warm. Add a base layer and it will not be bloated. Or match it with a woolen coat, which is also very elegant.

In the cold winter, a warm sweater dress, whether it is a loose style that is not flattering on the figure or a slim style that emphasizes body curves, has a gentle and generous temperament. When paired with a winter woolen coat, this gentle temperament becomes It becomes more elegant and fashionable! Do you feel excited after reading these? Go and match it with your own woolen coat.

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