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What is quick-drying fabric and what is the difference between it and ordinary fabric?

Quick-drying fabrics are very suitable for sports enthusiasts and are also very familiar fabrics to sports enthusiasts. Due to market needs, quick-drying fabrics have become more a…

Quick-drying fabrics are very suitable for sports enthusiasts and are also very familiar fabrics to sports enthusiasts. Due to market needs, quick-drying fabrics have become more and more widely used in the sportswear industry in the past two years. If you sweat after exercising, Wearing ordinary clothes will cause physical discomfort due to changes in human body temperature, and it is easy to get sick. However, clothes made of quick-drying fabrics can not only quickly dissipate moisture, but also have good warmth retention, and have a very good wearing experience. Today I will talk to you in detail about quick-drying fabrics. I hope you will have a more complete understanding of it.

What is quick-drying fabric and ordinary  What's the difference in fabric?

What is quick-drying fabric:

Quick drying, as the name suggests, dries faster. In fact, it does not absorb sweat, but quickly transfers sweat to the surface of the clothes, evaporating the sweat through air circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of quick drying. Compared with wool or cotton fabrics, quick-drying fabrics can evaporate moisture more easily and dry faster under the same external conditions. Generally, quick-drying fabrics dry 60% faster than cotton fabrics.

Some friends think that quick-drying fabrics are very mysterious, thinking that they contain a lot of high-tech ingredients. In fact, most quick-drying fabrics are made of chemical fiber fabrics. Due to different processing technologies, they have various magical properties that ordinary clothes do not have. effect. It has low water absorption, good air permeability (depends on the material) and a certain degree of water repellency. After getting wet, it dries faster than ordinary clothes under the action of body temperature or wind.

What are the quick-drying fabrics:

1. Polyester fiber

Containing 100% polyester fiber, consumers will feel as if they are wearing a layer of nylon on their body. To prevent this from happening, different brands have their own solutions based on their functional positioning. Some change the discomfort caused by polyester fiber after absorbing water through different weaving methods; some pay more attention to comfort and life, and add some cotton and other ingredients; some can make cotton fiber and other fabrics also have the same properties Very good quick drying function.

2. Dr. yarn fiber

The scientific name of Dr. Yarn’s fiber is polypropylene fiber, commonly known as polypropylene. Among them, ultra-fine denier polypropylene fiber is a new variety of polypropylene fiber that has developed into artificial silk and thin fabrics. In addition to having the light specific gravity, good warmth retention, high strength, and durability of conventional polypropylene fiber, In addition to the advantages of corrosion and wear resistance, it is also environmentally friendly, soft, moisture-conducting and quick-drying, breathable and comfortable to wear. It is an excellent choice for weaving quick-drying clothes.


COOLMAX is a common fabric with a relatively wide range of uses, developed by DuPont. The outstanding feature of this fabric is its strong sweat-absorbing and sweat-wicking function, which is attributed to the hollow structure of COOLMAX.


MONI-DRY is a moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabric developed by COLUMBIA. Its main feature is its super volatility and water absorption, which is 2 to 3 times stronger than ordinary cotton, thus effectively keeping the wearer of quick-drying clothing comfortable and dry.


ACTIVENT is a chemical material produced by the American company GORE that is windproof, very breathable, and a little water-proof. It is a thin film that needs to be pressed together with other nylon materials. It is more suitable for bicycle enthusiasts. Quick-drying clothes.

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What is the difference between quick-drying fabrics and ordinary fabrics:

1. The biggest difference between ordinary fabrics and quick-drying fabrics is the yarn. Quick-drying fabrics use special-shaped yarns. Ordinary yarn is compact, has a small water vapor conduction area, and slows perspiration. The special-shaped yarn has a large water vapor conduction area and a fast perspiration rate.

2. It can quickly wick away sweat, that is, it can quickly absorb and spread the sweat on the skin, and speed up the evaporation rate by expanding the area as much as possible.

3. Wearing an ordinary T-shirt and immediately switching to a resting state after sweating during exercise may cause illness due to changes in body temperature. Quick-drying clothes can dissipate moisture and have good warmth retention properties, helping to keep the skin dry and fresh.

Usually the above fabrics are enough to keep people comfortable when walking outdoors. But when it comes to the most popular quick-drying clothing fabrics, they also belong to polyester fiber, nylon, and spandex.On the one hand, chemical fiber fabrics. What kind of quick-drying fabric should we talk about? This also needs to take into account how many high-tech outdoor technologies are embedded in the quick-drying clothing products of major outdoor brands.

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