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This is the choice of summer suit fabrics for a refreshing feel

Suits are a must-have “battle suit” for men and women all year round. Especially in the sultry summer, this “battle” becomes even more vivid. Not only for t…

Suits are a must-have “battle suit” for men and women all year round. Especially in the sultry summer, this “battle” becomes even more vivid. Not only for the status and face of the business elite, but also for the internal battle against suffocation, sweat, and body odor. The mystery behind this cannot be explained by simply changing into a “thin suit”. So, how to choose summer suit fabrics? Let’s find out together below.

This is the perfect choice for summer suit fabrics  Refreshing feeling

“Line fabric”

In the research and development of summer suit fabrics, the development of science and technology is really rapid. There are special fabrics in summer, such as the linen fabrics that you see a lot. This kind of fabric has a clear weave. Its breathability and ability to quickly absorb moisture are also excellent. These small pores are like the pores on your body and can absorb moisture. Equivalent to 20 times its own weight in water, so it always feels dry.

Simple retro brown slim fit suit European and American style double breasted suit men’s dress

Because the fabric is made of natural plant fibers, it can prevent radiation and static electricity. Only 10% of this fabric needs to be added to the blended fabric to have an anti-static effect.

Thin suit suit for men in summer nude pink slim fit British fashion casual dress suit two-piece set

European and American style street style nude pink suit. It is half-lined and the fabric is elastic. It does not have the restrictive feeling of the autumn and winter version. It is comfortable and breathable and paired with 10-point pants or shorts. It is a dazzling sportsman in summer!
Nude pink can make your choice and matching of clothing easier. It will not steal the limelight of any color and can be matched harmoniously with any color. It is fresher than black and sexier than white.

“Blended fabric”

There is also a more powerful blended summer suit fabric, which is a fabric that everyone knows! It is characterized by being soft and thin, and is very suitable for spring and summer. Of course, it also has a fatal flaw: it wrinkles easily. There is also whitening in the folds. Because we are making spring and summer suits, the color considerations are relatively light, with white and khaki mostly used.

British no-iron ultra-thin micro-elastic personalized vertical casual two-piece single-breasted slim men’s suit black and white summer

I am used to seeing one-button lapel suits. The tailoring of this summer suit is eye-catching. It perfectly combines the solemnity of the Chinese tunic suit and the romantic elegance of the suit, giving off a strong trendy flavor. Although it is still Suits have long since broken away from the rigidity and uniformity of ordinary styles.

British iron-free ultra-thin micro-elastic retro business gentleman casual two-piece double-breasted slim men’s suit black gray spring

In order to establish a stable and reliable image, most men wear suits for work and commuting. It does not need to be a serious business suit. A more casual suit makes him more approachable. The dark plaid stitching fits his seemingly stable appearance. Deep but actually a bit sullen character.

Summer gives people a relaxed and leisurely feeling. Have you ever considered “split color suits”? That is to say, summer suits are in a calm color, while the lower body trousers boldly choose refreshing light colors of the same color. This way of wearing is not suitable for suits that are too formal. You must have a series of suits with a fashionable design to be brave enough to do this combination.

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