Internet Marketing: Is SEO Useful?

Internet Marketing: Is SEO Useful? Today I met a local “SEOProfessionals”, There were many feelings in the conversation. He said that he is proficient in website constr…

Internet Marketing: Is SEO Useful?

Today I met a local “SEOProfessionals”, There were many feelings in the conversation. He said that he is proficient in website construction, website optimization, and search engine ranking. He has a management backend with a lot of users, and all kinds of keywords can be optimized. The customers are quite satisfied because it brings more traffic. Search engine optimization charges are based on the number of keywords. Each word can be guaranteed a position for one year, or you can pay monthly, but then you need to use a second-level domain name and a jump page. Referring to the average bidding price of the same keywords on Baidu, and then the average daily consumption amount, etc., there is a formula that can roughly calculate the words you want to optimize. Anyway, it will make you feel that it is quite cost-effective. Because this guy has a background in programming technology, and has management authority over 500 more than 500 website spaces, he can add hidden links and set up second-level domain names at any time. He said that if you do it cleverly, the search engines will not find it and the effect will be stable.

I can’t help but think that although the customer did not get real website optimization, I don’t understand how my website achieved good rankings, but the number of views has increased, and the effectiveness of online marketing has increased. However, this improvement has many hidden dangers. First, search engine users have a reduced search experience. The first few websites they see are not truly excellent sites, nor are they companies that meet their needs. Second, these companies that have done so-called search engine optimization have not understood what website optimization is and have been led astray. One day they will realize that this is another detour.

It seems that on the way to online marketing, companies always need this to truly mature. This is what many online marketing service providers say , “Customers are fools, try your best to fool them!”

SEO Is it useful? Just like hackers and hackers, viruses and anti-virus – there is a game. Is it hard work or overkill? Is it customer experience-centered or ranking position-centered? It all depends on the benefits. Existence is necessity. To use a Zen proverb, “Three sons return to the original path, and the fruit is born without flowers or leaves.” Sincerity will eventually bear fruit, but different paths will have different twists and turns!



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