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The State Council reviewed the textile industry revitalization plan on February 4!

The State Council will review the textile industry revitalization plan on February 4! Authoritative sources revealed on February 2 that the industrial revitalization plan for the e…

The State Council will review the textile industry revitalization plan on February 4!

Authoritative sources revealed on February 2 that the industrial revitalization plan for the equipment manufacturing and textile industries has been finalized and will be submitted to the State Council executive meeting for review on Wednesday. The shipbuilding industry revitalization plan may be submitted for review together. The other five major industrial plans are still being formulated and revised and will be submitted to the State Council one after another.

It is understood that the equipment manufacturing industry revitalization plan will focus on solving the weak links in the 16 key development areas of the machinery industry, pay more attention to the development of basic parts, and will drive the development of related parts and components from the development of main engines to main engines and key parts. Develop together.

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a working symposium on some machinery industry associations in Beijing and formulated five suggestions. The first is to strengthen industrial structural adjustment and seize opportunities to promote industrial upgrading; the second is to strengthen support for independent innovation, improve corporate innovation capabilities and promote product development. Upgrading; the third is to support corporate restructuring and mergers from the policy level, reduce the burden, and promote the transformation of enterprises from “bigger and stronger” to “stronger and bigger”; the fourth is to speed up the implementation of the first (set) policy and encourage users to adopt independent Domestic equipment; fifth, strengthen policy support for key basic components and promote the improvement of the overall technical level of the industry. Experts participating in the planning discussion said that the above suggestions are relatively consistent with the guiding ideology of the revitalization plan. The revitalization plan is also a supplement to the “Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry” issued in 2006. The first is the 16 key areas of the equipment manufacturing industry. Increase support in areas that are still relatively weak. For example, petrochemical equipment is still imported in large quantities in key projects invested by some countries.

The emphasis on basic components has been strengthened in the planning. Yang Liping, an analyst at Dongxing Securities, said that in the bearing and hydraulic parts industries, there have been situations where “the market share of domestic related products has increased significantly after the state jointly researched a certain technology.” At the same time, specific measures are also needed. For example, in terms of the import of foreign parts and components, tax exemptions will be eliminated for the import of parts that can be produced domestically, and tax exemption will be imposed on imports that cannot be produced domestically but are in demand for mainframes.

It is understood that currently only the basic components of the domestic construction machinery industry rely on foreign imports and are controlled by others. Foreign supplier companies have successively begun to impose restrictions on our country in many aspects such as the supply, price, delivery period, and specifications of basic parts. At the same time, there are problems in the formulation and implementation of some policies, which affect the normal development and expansion of the industry. About 70% of industry profits are eaten up by imported parts and components.

In the textile industry revitalization plan to be reviewed this time, it is possible to increase the textile export tax rebate rate again.

An authoritative expert in the textile industry said that there has been a strong demand for increasing the export tax rebate rate to 15%. As a fiscal and taxation measure that can reflect “inclusive benefits”, it is very likely to appear in the revitalization plan. Moreover, the textile industry is now Faced with internal and external dilemmas, it would not be surprising even if the textile export tax rebate rate is raised to 17%.

According to reports, the textile industry revitalization plan recommends that the state set up special funds for structural adjustment, technological transformation and industrial upgrading to support enterprise development. This special fund will be allocated from the independent innovation and industrial structure adjustment project funds arranged by the state. In addition, the revitalization plan also includes: expanding the scale of credit, especially to solve the financial difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, recommending the use of subsidized loans; supporting corporate mergers and reorganizations, actively expanding exports, consolidating and developing international markets; strengthening the cultivation of independent brands and the construction of marketing channels, etc. wait.



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