China Garment Website_China's popular garment and fashion information platform China Garment News my country’s textile industry will formulate and revise more than 400 standards this year

my country’s textile industry will formulate and revise more than 400 standards this year

my country’s textile industry will formulate and revise more than 400 standards this year “In the first half of this year, our association has completed the application…

my country’s textile industry will formulate and revise more than 400 standards this year

“In the first half of this year, our association has completed the application for approval of 92 national standards, and will formulate and revise at least 414 national standards throughout the year.” On July 7, reporters learned from the China Textile Industry Association.

According to Sun Ximin, senior economist at the Science and Technology Development Department of the China Textile and Apparel Industry Association, among the 92 national standards that the China Textile and Apparel Industry Association has completed, 105 national standard plans are covered. In addition to the 40 standards that were completed in 2006 and 2007 and approved and released by the National Standards Committee, a total of 145 plans have been completed.

According to the national standard formulation and revision project plan issued by the National Standards Committee, there are 414 national standard projects under the centralized management of the China Textile Industry Association and should be completed in 2008, of which 152 should be completed for approval by mid-May. item. The leaders of the China Textile and Apparel Industry Association attach great importance to this work. At the beginning of the year, they made comprehensive arrangements for the affiliated standardization technical committee and technical focal points. Based on the characteristics of tight time and heavy tasks, they proposed three aspects of work: “quality, time and procurement rate”. requirements, and strive to ensure that the standard submission for approval is completed within the specified time limit.

The 92 national standards that China Textile Industry Association has submitted for approval have the following characteristics: First, they cover a wide range of fields. Among the 92 standards submitted for approval, they involve multiple professional fields and product categories such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, knitting, chemical fiber, clothing, textile machinery, and geosynthetic materials. Second, there are many standard categories. Among the standards reported, there are 15 basic standards, 50 test method standards, and 27 major product standards; third, a number of important standards have been newly formulated. Such as the limits of toxic and harmful substances in textile fibers, the evaluation of moisture absorption and quick-drying properties of textiles, the evaluation of antibacterial properties, the evaluation of electrostatic properties, the parts and methods of anthropometric measurements for infant clothing, and general technical specifications for professional sportswear and protective equipment, etc. The 10 standards are all newly formulated projects, which solve the problem of missing standards and fill the domestic gaps; fourth, a large number of standards with a long standard age have been revised. 17 standards such as the public moisture regain of textile materials, textile maintenance label specifications, determination of acid and alkali content of wool, jute yarn, etc. are revisions of the standards promulgated in the 1980s, and some of the standards are more than 20 years old. The 54 standards, including cotton natural yarn, cotton natural cloth, cotton printed and dyed fabrics, polyester, viscose staple fiber, filament and supporting testing methods, and shirts, are revisions to the standards promulgated in the 1990s. Through the revision, the problems of aging standards, too long standards, and low technical levels have been solved, and the market adaptability of the standards has been improved; fifth, the focus is on the adoption of national standards. Nine standards, including gray sample cards for evaluating discoloration of textiles, gray sample cards for evaluating staining, on-site identification marks of geosynthetic materials, and joint tensile properties measurement of textile fabrics and their products, are equivalent to ISO international standards or EU standards. Textiles Twenty-one standards, such as color fastness to rubbing, have been modified to adopt ISO international standards. Others are not equivalently adopted or refer to BISFA, US or EU standards. Through the adoption of standards, the pace of integration with international standards has been accelerated and the quality of my country’s national standards has been improved. International adaptability.

In the second half of this year, the textile industry will also complete more than 200 national standard projects, and the formulation and revision of national standards for the textile industry will make important progress. AAEGRTHRTH


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