Cars going to the countryside is another bad move

Cars going to the countryside is another bad move After “Home Appliances to the Rural Areas” is “Cars to the Rural Areas”. Based on the results of the &#822…

Cars going to the countryside is another bad move

After “Home Appliances to the Rural Areas” is “Cars to the Rural Areas”. Based on the results of the “Home Appliances to the Rural Areas” pilot, the author is very skeptical. Is it still necessary to launch “cars to the countryside”?

According to data obtained from public channels, the sales volume of the “Home Appliances to the Rural Areas” pilot program in the three provinces was 4 billion yuan, down from 10 billion yuan. The initial target is far from the target, so can the planned annual sales target of 100 billion after the nationwide promotion be achieved? The author thinks it is very difficult, because the pilot provinces of Sichuan, Henan, and Shandong are all provinces with large populations and relatively developed economies. However, they did not achieve the desired results in the end, as can be imagined for other provinces and cities.

“Home appliances going to the countryside” is like this, and it is even harder for “cars going to the countryside” to escape a similar fate. Rao Da, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Federation, recently made a prediction, saying that “cars going to the countryside” will bring about at least 100,000 minibus sales in 2009. Is this true? The author believes that the following factors will affect the realization of this goal:

, “Home appliances going to the countryside” has had an impact on “Cars going to the countryside”. The former will consume part of the savings of rural families and limit their desire to continue purchasing. Compared with home appliances, cars are large items. Even if the fiscal subsidy is 10%, the price will still be very high. The high price will inevitably lead to hesitation in purchasing, which is fatal.

Second, the cost of using a car is huge. After buying a car, license fees, road maintenance fees, maintenance fees, gas fees and other expenses are problems that potential rural buyers have to face. This largely depends on the income status of rural families, and the possibility of this situation improving under the economic crisis Sex is minimal.

Third, the worsening employment situation has fueled the wait-and-see mentality. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security predicts that more than 20 million migrant workers will be unemployed this year. This will not only weaken the purchasing power of unemployed households, but also bring panic to non-unemployed households, thereby inhibiting their willingness to spend, especially large-scale expenditures, such as buying cars.

It can be said that the fundamental reason affecting “home appliances to the countryside” and “cars to the countryside” is still the low income of farmers. If this situation is not In order to change the situation, continuing to implement the “going to the countryside” activities will not only have little effect, but will also transfer the farmers’ only wealth that should be used for production to the cities, causing rural areas to fall into a shortage of funds, further restricting agricultural development and farmers’ income increase, and the result will be more losses than gains.



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