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Representatives of functional fabrics: Gore-Tex and SympaTex

Representatives of functional fabrics: Gore-Tex and SympaTex Representatives of functional fabrics: Gore-Tex and SympaTex GORE-TEX fabric is a light, thin, strong and durable film …

Representatives of functional fabrics: Gore-Tex and SympaTex

Representatives of functional fabrics: Gore-Tex and SympaTex
GORE-TEX fabric is a light, thin, strong and durable film exclusively invented and produced by W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. in the United States. It has waterproof, breathable and windproof functions, breaking through the ordinary Waterproof fabric is not breathable, so it is known as the “cloth of the century”. GORE-TEX fabrics are not only widely used in aerospace, military and medical fields, but are also used by top brands to make a variety of casual clothing series. Therefore, they are listed as the best by the American “Fortune” magazine. One of the 100 most admired American products.
Since Gore entered the Chinese market, it has always attached great importance to cooperation with international and domestic outdoor brands in China to jointly contribute to China’s outdoor industry
Contribute to the development of the industry. So far, Gore has cooperated with the following outdoor brands in China. The outdoor product series includes clothing (tops, pants), apparel (hats, headbands, gloves, etc.) made of GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® fabrics. Scarves, snow boots, etc.), shoes made of GORE-TEX® fabrics, etc., provide all-round protection from head to toe for Chinese outdoor sports enthusiasts.
In 2014, Gore introduced its innovative technology for shoes – GORE-TEX? SURROUND? 360° waterproof and breathable technology to China, officially entering the Chinese high-end casual shoe market. GORE-TEX? SURROUND? 360° waterproof and breathable technology adopts an original “window-type” sole structure design. The large pores in the sole can discharge excess sweat and dissipate excess heat from the feet to ensure that the feet are always dry. The GORE-TEX? (Gore-TEX?) film attached to the shoe can completely prevent the entry of external liquid water while ensuring the smooth discharge of sweat from the inside, and establishes an all-weather temperature microcirculation adjustment system in the shoe. Consumers will no longer be disturbed by weather factors. No matter it is sunny or rainy, they can freely release their feet in urban life and enjoy comfortable and smooth walking fun. GORE-TEX? SURROUND? 360° waterproof and breathable technical casual shoes that perfectly combine comfort with fashionable appearance are the ideal choice for consumers to travel freely in various occasions.
SympaTex is an environmentally friendly film with super functionality that can be combined with textiles, leather and other materials. It can achieve 100% windproof, waterproof and breathable functions. This is the result of research that combines chemistry and physics.
SympaTex is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-tech fabrics. SympaTex’s fabric technology is widely used in apparel, footwear, accessories, workwear and other technical applications.
SympaTex independently develops and produces three major categories of products: films, composite fabrics and functional textiles, sells them to customers within the scope, and designs and develops them according to the actual needs of customers.
SympaTex technology and process flow are always based on the principles of ecological environmental protection and sustainable utilization of resources, which is the core concept of the company’s development.
Waterproofing principle: Water and water vapor molecules contain the same atoms (one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms). However, water molecules and water vapor molecules behave very differently. When these molecules are in a liquid state, they stick tightly to each other. Therefore, individual molecules cannot adsorb to the positive and negative charges of the film’s molecular chains. This hydrophilic film is truly waterproof.
Throughout the development history of waterproof and breathable fabrics, from compact fabric type, coated waterproof type to the commonly used adhesive film type, technological progress has greatly satisfied people’s clothing needs for outdoor travel. At the same time, after functional fabrics have developed to the stage of pasting films, the films used to be compounded onto fabrics mainly include microporous films and non-porous hydrophilic films. Moreover, the performance of the film directly determines the overall performance of the garment. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of outdoor travel to the greatest extent, R&D personnel are also constantly improving and innovating in film technology.
The representative product of microporous membrane is Gore-Tex, which was successfully researched for the first time in 1969. This membrane has countless micropores in one square inch – each micropore is smaller than a raindrop and larger than a human body’s sweat molecule. This makes it impossible for water to pass through the fabric, but sweat can pass through easily. When worn, it has good waterproof, windproof and breathable properties. The adhesion fastness is also very high.
There is also a non-porous hydrophilic membrane fabric, the typical product of which is Sympatex. This membrane is composed of two substances, hydrophilic and water-repellent. The hydrophilic substance has a molecular chain structure inside, and the molecular chain has positive and negative charges, which can adsorb individual water vapor molecules. With the help of the humidity and temperature differences between the human body and the external environment, water vapor molecules are encouraged to convection from places with high humidity to places with low humidity, thereby achieving breathability. Because it is a non-porous hydrophilic membrane, it has unique advantages in terms of waterproofing, windproof, anti-fouling, antibacterial, and avoiding clogging. QUR


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