pure silk

Pure silk Pure silk Silk is a continuous long fiber formed by solidifying the silk liquid secreted by mature silkworms when they spin cocoons. It is also called natural silk and is…

Pure silk

Pure silk
Silk is a continuous long fiber formed by solidifying the silk liquid secreted by mature silkworms when they spin cocoons. It is also called natural silk and is a natural fiber. One of the earliest animal fibers utilized by humans. Silk is one of the products of ancient Chinese civilization. The Chinese working people invented production very early. According to legend, the Yellow Emperor’s concubine Luo Zu taught the people how to breed silkworms. There are many characters for silk and silk beside the oracle bone inscriptions.
According to archaeological discoveries, China had used silk to make silk threads, weave ribbons and simple silk fabrics about 4,700 years ago. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, silk was used to weave silk fabrics such as Luo, damask, dan, yarn, crepe, qi, brocade, and embroidery. Silkworms include mulberry silkworm, tussah silkworm, castor silkworm, cassava silkworm, willow silkworm and celestial silkworm. The silk strands extracted from a single silkworm cocoon are called cocoon silk.
Pure silk (SILK) quilt is a porous, animal-like white fiber, which can automatically adjust the temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer, has strong breathability and moisture absorption, and contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can promote human metabolism and calm the mind.
Gloss: Elegant and noble, soft and bright.
Toughness: The tensile strength is about the same as that of thick steel wire. The toughness is stronger than that of artificial and natural fibers, and it is not easy to be damaged by snagging.
Hygroscopicity: It has 1.5 times the hygroscopicity of cotton fiber and can quickly absorb and dissipate human sweat.
Warmth: The tissue is porous and can absorb a large amount of gas, forming an excellent thermal insulation layer.
Breathable: The fibers are slender and tough, and can be woven into low-density, thin and transparent fabrics that are cool but not restrictive.
Comfortable: low static electricity, good skin-friendly, comfortable and close-fitting.
Safety: The ignition point of the fabric is between 300 and 460°C. It is difficult to burn and protect yourself in the event of a fire or other accident.
Hygiene: It absorbs and releases moisture, has less static electricity, prevents the breeding of bacteria, and is a good healthy fiber.
Lightweight: The fabric is lightweight, does not increase the burden on the body and is easy to carry for long distances. Dry cleaning is the best method, and if it says washable, hand wash it with cold water. After washing and picking up, do not wring out the water, but let the water on the clothes drip dry naturally, and then hang them in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. Do not expose them to the sun.
Identification methods
Check appearance
High-quality silk is milky white and slightly yellow. The surface of the silk has a soft luster. It is not black, not astringent, and the silk quality is long. After the surface silk is pulled apart, there is no flocculation of broken silk inside.
Combustion identification
When ignited, it smells like burnt feathers because it contains protein. It turns into a wildfire-colored powder when burned. It emits the smell of burnt feathers without any firelight when burned.
Color reaction
Concentrated nitric acid turns yellow
High-quality silk feels soft, smooth, elastic, and clump-free, while inferior silk feels rough, non-flexible, and non-moisturizing.
Fiber strength
The stronger the stretchability of silk, the better the quality. After stretching, the longer the silk thread of the same length, the better the quality. 5YVwqdkUy


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