New Lycra fiber

New Lycra fiber New Lycra Fiber Spandex is the abbreviation of polyurethane fiber and is an elastic fiber. Spandex is generally composed of multiple filaments, usually 10D/filament…

New Lycra fiber

New Lycra Fiber
Spandex is the abbreviation of polyurethane fiber and is an elastic fiber. Spandex is generally composed of multiple filaments, usually 10D/filament, and now there are 15D/filament, or even 20D/filament. The smaller the theoretical number of filaments, the better the evenness of the evenness, because the less chance of overlapping forms, the dryer DMAC, the production solution of French spinning, is harmful to the human liver. Generally, 10D/root contains 0.5mg/kg, and 15D/root contains 0.7mg/kg, which exceeds the standard. When producing Spandex, special attention must be paid to winding tension, count on the barrel, breaking strength, breaking elongation, formability, oil adhesion, elastic recovery rate, etc. These problems directly affect knitting, especially knitting production. Pay more attention to single-sided fabrics.
LYCRA is the trade name of a man-made elastic spandex fiber exclusively invented and produced by DuPont. It is a polyester spandex produced by dry spinning. Its fiber is composed of flexible segments and rigid segments. It is this molecular structure that gives Lycra excellent extensibility and elastic recovery properties. Lycra can be stretched to 4-7 times its original length, with a recovery rate of 100%. Compared with rubber, its elasticity is longer and more durable, and it is 1/3 lighter in weight. It cannot be used alone and can be interwoven with any other man-made or natural fibers. It does not change the appearance of the fabric and is an invisible fiber that greatly improves the performance of the fabric. At present, Lycra has been widely used in various fields of textile product production, and its application in the clothing industry is also very broad; from light and thin underwear to heavy outerwear, from sportswear to fashion suits, etc.
Features and applications of Lycra
(1), Fiber and its applications
Lycra is in the form of matt white, translucent or transparent filament, with a fineness of 11dtex-1880dtex. Lycra yarn of various finenesses is mainly used in: transparent stockings; circular knitwear (underwear, sportswear); leggings; narrow belts; warp knitted fabrics for women’s underwear and swimwear; medical items (fleece cutting pieces, bandages, etc.); footwear, etc.
(2) Yarn form
Lycra mainly appears in fabrics in the form of core-spun yarn/wrapped yarn/covered yarn and bare yarn.
Core-spun yarn/wrapped yarn/covered yarn has the appearance and feel of covered fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, etc.), and at the same time has excellent elasticity. This type of yarn is widely used in various types of fabrics.
Lycra bare silk has good dyeing properties and wearability. Lycra naked silk is often used in knitted underwear, socks, bandages, sportswear, etc. Lycra will stretch and become thinner when stretched. When used in products such as transparent stockings, it will make the clothing more attractive.
(3) Application in fabrics
Lycra has excellent stretchability. For knitwear, its multi-directional extension is determined by the fabric itself, and Lycra only brings elasticity that stretches and recovers. Woven fabrics are only stretchable in the direction in which Lycra is woven, such as warp knitting (straight direction) or weft knitting (crosswise direction).
1. In woven fabrics
When Lycra is used in warp yarns, the fabric will be stretchable in the longitudinal direction; when used in weft yarns, the fabric will have transverse elasticity; if Lycra is used in both warp and weft yarns, the fabric will have bidirectional elasticity.
2. In knitted fabrics
In weft knitted fabrics, Lycra bare yarn is used for lightweight plain knitted fabrics; Lycra covered yarn is used for socks, cuffs of knitted pullovers, etc.; core-spun yarn is often used for knitted pullovers and lightweight plain knitted fabrics for underwear; Yarn wrapping is often used on ribbing machines.
Lycra is used in warp knitted fabrics mainly to increase the extensibility of the fabric, making the garments have excellent applicability and comfort.
3. In narrow strip fabric
Narrow fabrics are widely used in underwear and belts. Lycra provides high-performance stretch in swathed fabrics for durability and comfort. It can be used to produce thin and delicate decorative bands for modern ultra-light women’s underwear, improving and maintaining their shape and shape.
(4) Advantages of Lycra in clothing
1. Extremely elastic and not easily deformed
Lycra enhances the elasticity of fabrics and can be combined with a variety of different fibers, whether natural or man-made, without changing the look and feel of the fabric. For example, wool + Lycra fabric not only has good elasticity, but also has better fit, shape retention, drape and wearability after washing; cotton + Lycra not only has the comfort and breathability advantages of cotton fiber, but also takes into account the advantages of cotton. It has the characteristics of good elasticity and resistance to deformation, making the fabric more close-fitting, fit, soft and comfortable. Lycra adds unique advantages to clothing: comfortable fit, freedom of movement and long-term shape retention.
2. Lycra can be used on any fabric
Lycra can be used on cotton knitted fabrics, double-sided wool fabrics, silk poplin, nylon fabrics and different cotton fabrics.
3. The comfort of Lycra
In recent years, people who love fashion feel depressed by the busyness and competition in the city. They do not want the clothes that accompany them every day to bring them constraints. They need to be consistent with comfort while maintaining appropriate clothing. Lycra clothing has the characteristics of comfortable fit and free movement, which meets the clothing needs of people in contemporary society.
4. The influence of Lycra on style
Close-fitting clothing does not feel tight; clothing opens and closes appropriately, fits well without being restrictive, and has better drape; children’s clothing is full of vitality and can jump freely after wearing it.
5. Design features of Lycra
Regardless of the loose or narrow design, it is equally comfortable and natural; there are no wrinkles, it is not too loose, and it fits perfectly, fully embodying the simple beauty; fashionableEnjoy it personally.
Processing and maintenance performance of products containing Lycra
Lycra has good processability and maintenance properties. Lycra can withstand the treatment of most commonly used chemical reagents, and Lycra-containing fabrics can be dyed, printed and finished according to most processes of other fiber processing produced together. Lycra products are easy to maintain. If there are no special instructions, you can use the washing method required by most fiber components in the fabric. Lycra can be cleaned with ordinary laundry soap and detergent, but chlorine bleach and strong alkalis should be avoided.
Analysis of the popularity of Lycra
Looking back at the history of clothing development, it is not difficult to find that the rise of elastic fiber and the popularity of Lycra are not only the product of technological development but also a good interpretation of the spirit and civilization of the times. Lycra brings freedom of expansion, comfort and fit to the products, which caters to the simple and bright design style of modern clothing and the modern lifestyle that pursues comfort, convenience, and leisure sports. Clothing, like human knowledge and education, reflects people’s soul and thoughts. The application of Lycra fabric in clothing not only integrates the unique cultural connotation of modern life and modern clothing, but also creates a very revolutionary popular concept. 8oi3C4nHl


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