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Natural creation possibilities | Explore the different SORONA® at 23AW Shanghai Fashion Week!

Natural creation possibilities | Explore the different SORONA® at 23AW Shanghai Fashion Week! Flowers are the blossoming notes of spring SORONA® is nature’s eloquent footnote &#822…

Natural creation possibilities | Explore the different SORONA® at 23AW Shanghai Fashion Week!

Flowers are the blossoming notes of spring

SORONA® is nature’s eloquent footnote

“Nature creates possibilities”

As spring blossoms, let us meet Shanghai Fashion Week together

“Co-order new nature”, compose a new charter

Discover the beauty of nature and create a diverse environmental protection craze

Hurry and occupy SORONA®

The fashionable territory at 23AW Shanghai Fashion Week!

What kind of inspiration and ideas will collide when environmental protection meets fashion? At the Shanghai Fashion Week press conference on March 15, Zhou Haidong, commercial general manager of Greater China of Swissquote Biomaterials, shared SORONA®’s efforts to connect environmental protection and fashion, “Promoting the sustainable development of the fashion industry is inevitable. We cannot do without green and sustainable materials from the source of the supply chain. As early as the 1990s, SORONA® was committed to creating a sustainable fashion industry and revolutionary creation of plant-derived bio-based synthetic fibers through the world’s leading biotechnology. SORONA® With our love for nature and professional biotechnology, we provide innovative and high-performance bio-based products to the world, bringing unlimited possibilities to the sustainable development of clothing design and fashion industry.”

SORONA® has maintained close cooperation with Shanghai Fashion Week’s sustainable fashion projects for many years. This year, SORONA® will hold a series of activities with the theme of “Nature Creates Possibilities”, gathering the power of the entire industry chain including material manufacturers, fabric manufacturers, and brands to try to integrate “environmentally friendlynew materials-Innovative fabrics-fashion products-lifestyle” links are opened to create a sustainable fashion ecology and guide a new urban outdoor green lifestyle.

Zhou Haidong, General Manager of Greater China Business at Swissquote Biomaterials Inc.

See yourself through a movie

Broaden your horizons, overcome difficulties and dangers, and gain insight into everything

Stay close to life, find true love, and feel each other

On the journey of life, let’s find our true self together!

Re-understand the relationship between man and nature…

2023AW丨Create dreams with TRICKCOO

At 20:30 on March 25, SORONA® will join forces with TRICKCOO, whose brand DNA is “Fashion Functional Research Institute”, to jointly visit Shanghai Fashion Week, start the outdoor trend journey of technological fibers, and appreciate nature and technology, function and Multiple perspectives on fashion. Focusing on scenes required for urban commuting and outdoor travel, SORONA® x TRICKCOO realizes the link between function and trend through the research on functional quality fabrics, three-dimensional tailoring, modern technological detail processing, and fashionable and interesting design language, and triggers environmental protection Functional, cool and fashionable!

Life has no solution, let’s run wild outdoors! SORONA® Technology + environmental protection continue to contribute to outdoor travel and reconstruct the aesthetic functions of cities and outdoors. Empowering the development of outdoor clothing from performance, touch and appearance, taking the scene as the entry point, under the “diversified co-creation” of materials, fabrics and brands, the products are more segmented, the experience is more upgraded, and the urban outdoor life that the Chinese market needs is explored Way.

As the young generation of Millennials takes the stage and becomes the backbone of consumption, the epidemicAfter the epidemic, people pay more attention to and desire outdoor leisure and sports. Different from traditional outdoor travel, the close-range urban outdoor lifestyle is being sought after by more and more people, and is quickly showing a trillion-level emerging consumption track. Its huge potential and vigorous vitality have also attracted the attention of industry platform parties, material vendors, fabric vendors, brands and consumers with great appeal. How will urban outdoor lifestyle be different under this new trend?

During the “Fantasy Wild” themed exhibition, the second season of “Going to the Waves” jointly launched by ISPO x SORONA® x HAOLISHI will be officially launched, ushering in the first stop in 2023. Let’s start again with friends! ISPO x SORONA® x HAOLISHI uses the language of science and technology to tell the beauty of urban outdoor sports full of life and passion, dialogues with the entire industry chain, complements each other, promotes the common development of upstream and downstream, practices sustainability, and talks about “wild” love!

Coming from all sides,

Focus on environmental protection and sustainability throughout the industry chain

Efforts and explorations;

Shared expectations create new sparks and create new opportunities;

Diversified co-creation is waiting for you, lock in Shanghai Fashion Week,

The possibilities are endless with SORONA®!

Follow the live broadcast of the “Shanghai Fashion Week” Douyin show

Not to be missed!


SORONA® is a ground-breaking new bio-based polymer solution whose core raw material comes from plants that can be grown repeatedly every year. SORONA® not only has sustainable development and environmental protection themes that are in line with international trends, but also can bring multiple functional and excellent properties to the fiber. The “versatility” of fibers made from SORONA® raw materials offers fabric and apparel designers a greater range of design freedom!


TRICKCOO was founded in Shanghai in 2016 by independent designer HUGO. The brand advocates the spiritual concept of “returning to nature and finding freedom”, pursues multiple perspectives of nature and technology, function and fashion, and is a trendy functional brand created to meet functional and scene-based wearing needs. The products cover all kinds of trendy equipment needed for urban commuting and outdoor travel. Focusing on the research of functional high-quality fabrics and three-dimensional tailoring, pursuing modern technological details and fashionable and interesting design language, we have successfully achieved the link between function and trend. The brand is advertised as the Fashion Functional Research Institute.


HAOLISHI, a professional fabric brand that has been operating for 18 years, has gained high recognition and trust from many brand customers for its high-quality fabrics in the down jacket and windbreaker sub-categories. Under the general trend of “fashion functionalization, functional fashion”, as one of the main fabric brands of Wanzi Technology, it has been upgraded again, reshaped its connotation, and integrated fashion and art as a “multicultural advocate” , music, lifestyle, etc., striving to create an ecosystem of “diversified co-creation” to achieve the brand mission of win-win for all parties.

AAA fabric network EGRTHRTH


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