Flame retardant fireproof cloth

Flame retardant fireproof cloth Flame-retardant fireproof cloth In recent years, with the development of offshore oil and gas exploration and production and the oil transportation …

Flame retardant fireproof cloth

Flame-retardant fireproof cloth

In recent years, with the development of offshore oil and gas exploration and production and the oil transportation industry, offshore oil and gas blowout and fire incidents have occurred frequently, causing huge economic losses and social impacts. Marine oil spill accidents are often accompanied by fire accidents. In order to deal with burning oil spills For effective containment, fire-proof oil booms need to be used for containment. Since ordinary fire-proof oil booms cannot meet the requirements of containment operations and fire resistance under long-term high temperatures, it is necessary to carry out targeted research on fire-proof oil booms for sea surface oil spills. , solving the problem of effectively containing and controlling burning oil spills under high temperatures for a long time. During the oil spill emergency response, for marine oil spill burning operations, in order to prevent the spilled oil in the containment area from spreading around and facilitate centralized burning and disposal, the fire-proof oil boom needs to contain the burning oil spill for a long time. During the on-site burning process, it was discovered that domestic The current fire-proof oil boom cannot effectively contain burning oil spills. This is mainly due to the poor fire protection performance of domestic fire-proof oil booms. The effective containment time of oil spill fire prevention is only tens of minutes, making it difficult to form effective containment. Fireproof oil boom products produced by foreign oil spill disposal companies such as Elastic in the United States, Lamor in Finland, and Desmi in Denmark use fireproof materials with better performance and can form longer-term containment in practical applications. However, there are no public reports of foreign oil spill containment booms. The boom can achieve fire protection containment of more than 24 hours, and it is expensive, has a long procurement cycle, and the key core technology is confidential. Currently, there are no relevant reports on the application of foreign fireproof oil booms in domestic offshore oil spill accidents.

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Therefore, on the basis of investigating domestic and foreign fireproof oil boom products, this article analyzes the existing fireproof materials for sea surface oil spill fireproof oil booms at home and abroad, and studies the fence refractory materials suitable for fireproof oil booms [ 1], and proposed a combination method of refractory materials for fire-proof oil booms, and discussed the refractory material problems that need to be solved for fire-proof oil booms in the field of oil spill emergency based on reality, and provided information for the innovative design of fire-proof oil booms. ideas in order to solve the stuck problem of my country’s oil spill response industry [2].

1 Analysis of the current situation of fireproof oil booms at home and abroad

Fireproof oil booms are mainly used when oil spills at sea have caught fire, or when oil spills at sea are intended to be cleared by burning. In order to have a clearer understanding of the requirements for marine oil spill combustion containment, this article investigated the structural forms of existing fire-proof oil booms at home and abroad, comprehensively analyzed the design parameters and fire-proof performance (fire-resistant temperature and fire-resistant duration) of existing fire-proof oil booms, and Different forms of barrier refractory materials were selected for analysis. Based on the performance of different fire-proof oil booms, combined with the overall research and development needs of the current fire-proof oil booms’ wear resistance, long-term high temperature resistance, and easy deployment and recovery, relatively mature fire-proof oil boom structures at home and abroad were selected to develop fire-proof materials. Selection research to select flame-retardant and fire-resistant flexible barrier materials that can achieve a fire-resistant burning time of more than 24 hours (the maximum burning temperature of crude oil can reach 1315°C, and the fire-resistant temperature of the fire-proof oil boom is generally required to be greater than 1000°C).

At present, fireproof oil booms at home and abroad are mainly divided into two types: water-cooled and non-water-cooled flame retardant products. Water-cooled fireproof boom is a polymer or inflatable buoyant structure covered with water-permeable material that is continuously soaked by seawater. The permeable material covers the air chamber to form a fire-proof protective layer to withstand high-temperature burning, and uses a high-flow water supply pump. Continuously provide cooling water for the water penetration fireproof protective layer to achieve fireproof and cooling effects. Representative products such as the Hydro-fire Boom from Elastec in the United States. Flame retardant fire oil boom

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Pyroboom fire-resistant oil boom combines special steel wire-reinforced refractory fabric with traditional GlobeBoom form to form a barrier body. The fire-proof part is interwoven with silicone-coated high-temperature metal wire and Fiberfrax ceramic fiber. The metal hemisphere is filled with glass foam and then mechanically connected to the railing. PVC-coated polyester fabric is used below the waterline to achieve a certain degree of strength and flexibility. The on-site combustion fire resistance is 3 hours and 13 minutes, but the company’s fire resistance test It was found that the oil boom can be exposed to flames at temperatures of 1315°C for up to 24 hours and still maintain its effectiveness and strength.��First, through data collection, intelligence analysis, expert consultation and other means, the key fire-proof and high-temperature-resistant materials such as fire-proof oil boom, water boom, fire-resistant barrier fabric and other materials are selected, and secondly, market research on thermal insulation refractory materials manufacturers is carried out to obtain existing market information. The material characteristics of fire-resistant and high-temperature-resistant materials (such as density, tensile strength, tear resistance), fire-resistant performance and other important parameters, and finally combined with the fire-resistant performance requirements of the railing materials of this project, look for fire-resistant and heat-insulating material samples from relevant domestic manufacturers. Build an oil boom combustion test experimental pool, conduct fire resistance performance testing experiments of fireproof oil boom samples, and verify the fire resistance performance of fireproof oil boom samples. In the future, based on the test results of the fire resistance of oil boom samples and more rigorous pool combustion experiments, more excellent refractory materials and material composite methods can be selected, the oil boom design and manufacturing plan can be improved in a targeted manner, and a fireproof oil boom processing plan can be formulated to carry out Mass production and processing.

As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, promotes the protection of marine resources and the environment, and avoids damage to the water ecological environment, it is imperative to strengthen the research and development of oil spill emergency equipment including fireproof oil booms. With the development of domestic industrial levels, my country’s refractory material production level is also close to the international level, and some fields have reached international leadership. Product cost and quality are highly competitive in the market. However, it is necessary to consider how to apply new material technology to various industries and strengthen the integration of industry, academia and research. Only in this way can we better promote the development and growth of the refractory industry, which will push the application of insulating refractory products to a new level in the upgrading of domestic industrial institutions.

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