What material is best for sofa fabric?

Basically every family will have a sofa. In addition to being a place for people to rest, the sofa also has a certain decorative effect. The prices of sofas made of different mater…

Basically every family will have a sofa. In addition to being a place for people to rest, the sofa also has a certain decorative effect. The prices of sofas made of different materials are also very different. Therefore, when buying a sofa, what should you choose? The kind of sofa fabric is the most critical. This article will share with you several fabrics commonly used to make sofas.

Leather sofa: The quality of this kind of sofa is relatively good. Of course, the price of leather sofa is not cheap. Leather sofa can be made of real leather (cowhide, sheepskin or pigskin, etc.), of course It could also be some less expensive faux leather. The leather sofa has a high luster and a delicate and soft touch. In addition, it has good warmth retention and is slightly noble and gorgeous in appearance. However, this type of sofa is prone to wear and tear after long-term use, and its appearance score is also poor. It will be greatly reduced, so pay attention to the maintenance of leather sofas during daily use.

Cotton sofa: In addition to making clothes, 100% cotton fabric can also be used to make sofas. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and of course has very good warmth retention properties. In addition, the 100% cotton fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability. Very good, its moisture content is very consistent with human skin. Of course, the price of pure cotton is not too expensive. Friends who pursue cost-effectiveness can choose pure cotton sofas.

Linen sofa: The biggest feature of linen fabric is moisture absorption, breathability and wear resistance. This kind of sofa has a retro style overall. Because of its good breathability, it will not be stuffy even if you sit on the sofa in summer. Linen is also One feature is that it has good wear resistance, and linen itself is insect-proof. This type of sofa is durable and easy to care for.

Fellow cloth sofa: Common ones include corduroy, suede, etc. The flannel cloth has fine and soft fluff, so it also has a very comfortable touch. The flannel cloth sofa is noble in appearance and therefore the price is relatively high, but the flannel cloth has a The disadvantage is that static electricity is easily generated.

The fabrics mentioned above are commonly used in the production of sofas. Of course, the above fabrics can be purchased in the mall in Hall 3. Friends who want to buy sofa fabrics or other clothing accessories can go here Check fabric prices at the mall in Hall 3.


Author: clsrich