What fabric is best for shirts?

Shirts are a relatively formal garment that can be worn basically all year round. They can be worn outside or worn under a suit. In autumn and winter, we can choose shirts with bet…

Shirts are a relatively formal garment that can be worn basically all year round. They can be worn outside or worn under a suit. In autumn and winter, we can choose shirts with better warmth, while in spring and summer, we can buy shirts with good breathability. For shirts, fabric is the decisive factor that determines the quality of the shirt. So what kind of shirt is the best? The following will answer this question for you.

Pure cotton shirt:
This is the most commonly used and most cost-effective shirt. Everyone knows that pure cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity. Of course, it is also very breathable, so This kind of shirt is also very comfortable to wear. The pure cotton also has good warmth retention. This kind of fabric has the function of “warm in spring and cool in summer”. Therefore, pure cotton shirts can be worn in all seasons. Finally, the price of pure cotton is quite affordable. Domestic cotton production is large and the processing technology is very mature, so the production cost of pure cotton shirts is not high.

Polyester shirt:
Polyester shirt is also a relatively common type. The polyester fabric itself has better wear resistance and washability. This kind of shirt is relatively less durable. It wrinkles easily. If it does wrinkle, you can use low-temperature ironing to remove the wrinkles. This kind of shirt is easy to take care of and is relatively durable. However, the overall wearing experience is not as good as that of pure cotton. It will be hotter when worn in summer. , the advantage of polyester shirts is that they are relatively cheap.

Linen shirts:
Linen shirts have become more popular in summer in recent years. Linen fabric has a retro style and is very suitable for producing casual and fashionable shirts. The hemp fiber itself has It has good moisture absorption and breathability, can quickly absorb sweat and evaporate it in the air, keeping it fresh and breathable even in hot summer. However, linen shirts have poor elasticity and tend to wrinkle and leave creases after being washed or folded, which will also affect the appearance of the shirt to a certain extent.

Of course, there are some shirts made of cotton, linen, and cotton-polyester blends. I won’t introduce them in detail here. Generally speaking, pure cotton fabrics are the best for shirts. We are here When buying shirts, you can give priority to pure cotton.


Author: clsrich