What fabrics are summer clothes made of?

Unknowingly, it’s March, and summer is slowly approaching. Garment factories across the country have begun preparing for the production of summer clothes. Everyone knows that breat…

Unknowingly, it’s March, and summer is slowly approaching. Garment factories across the country have begun preparing for the production of summer clothes. Everyone knows that breathability, coolness, and sweat absorption are essential requirements for summer clothing. What fabrics are suitable for the production of summer clothing? This article recommends several fabrics commonly used in the production of summer clothing.

Linen fabric: Linen clothes are one of the most popular clothing in summer because hemp fiber has good moisture absorption and breathability, which means that this type of fabric can absorb sweat. And it evaporates quickly, so linen clothes are extremely cool after wearing them. In addition, linen has anti-insect and antibacterial properties, so there are not too many requirements in terms of maintenance and washing. Of course, in addition to being used for the production of clothes, it can also be used for the production of summer socks. However, the feel of linen is not as good as that of pure cotton, and the fabric itself is not elastic. Finally, the price of linen fabric is relatively cheap. You can buy one meter of linen fabric for more than ten or twenty yuan, and the price of a linen T-shirt is less than one hundred yuan.

Chiffon fabric: Chiffon is made of polyester fiber. In some places, it is also called chiffon as georgette. Chiffon fabric is light and has a good drape. Chiffon clothes are light and thin. It is breathable, so it is also loved by female consumers. Because the production cost of polyester fiber is not high, the price of chiffon is also relatively cheap. Some chiffon fabrics can be purchased for less than 10 yuan per meter. Chiffon can be used to produce clothing such as summer dresses, light jackets, and cardigans.

Pure cotton fabric: Pure cotton fabric is hygroscopic and breathable. Many summer short-sleeves are made of pure cotton. Of course, the application of pure cotton is not limited to summer clothing, and the price is more expensive than polyester chemical fiber fabrics. , pure cotton also has a certain warmth-keeping effect, and feels softer than the above-mentioned linen and chiffon.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned fabrics suitable for summer clothing, there are also polyester, poly-cotton and other blended fabrics that are suitable. It is an online fabric trading platform that provides fabric wholesale and retail. Friends who have fabric purchase needs are welcome to visit the mall.


Author: clsrich