What are the fur fabrics? What are the characteristics?

Fur fabric refers to a general term for a type of fabric. This type of fabric is generally made from processed animal fur (sheepskin, mink, etc.). The raw materials of the fabric a…

Fur fabric refers to a general term for a type of fabric. This type of fabric is generally made from processed animal fur (sheepskin, mink, etc.). The raw materials of the fabric are relatively scarce and have good quality (warmth, wear resistance, etc.) etc.), so the price of fur fabrics is also extremely expensive. Some luxury brand fur coats have even sold for hundreds of thousands. This article will introduce to you what fur fabrics are and what characteristics these fur fabrics have. They will be classified according to the type of raw materials.

Rex rabbit skin: Rex rabbit is a kind of rabbit. The fur of this rabbit is very close to that of otter. After processing this rabbit skin into fur fabric, it will have a smooth and soft texture. The fabric is very warm to the touch and can be used for coats, hats and other fabrics.

Fox fur: As the name suggests, it is a fabric made of fox skin. Of course, there are many types of foxes. Common ones include white fox, blue fox, crystal fox, etc. Fox fur has excellent dyeing properties and color fastness. Yes, so the fox fur fabrics we see are all rich in color. Fox fur also has good warmth retention and is a high-quality product among furs.

Mink fur: This is also the most common type of fur fabric we hear about. In our impression, mink fur coats seem to have become a symbol of wealth. It is also known as the king of furs and is also known as the fur industry. Made of soft gold, the mink fabric has better cold and warmth properties than the fox fur and rex rabbit fur in front. Mink fur products are naturally extremely expensive.

Sheepskin: Sheepskin can keep the fabric soft and soft after being washed. Sheepskin is also a kind of fur fabric. Generally speaking, it is not that scarce, but the production process is more complicated, so the price is also low. It would be too cheap. Sheepskin can be used in the production of clothes, shoes and hats.

Raccoon dog leather: This kind of leather is taken from soil badgers. Compared with other fur fabrics, raccoon dog leather has better elasticity, and its wear resistance and warmth retention are also very good. It can be used It produces leather mattresses, fur coats and other products.


Author: clsrich