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An ordinary, inconspicuous yarn, passed through the computer After weaving on the machine, they are then washed, dyed, and ironed by the craftsmanship of the sewing machine workers…

An ordinary, inconspicuous yarn, passed through the computer After weaving on the machine, they are then washed, dyed, and ironed by the craftsmanship of the sewing machine workers, and instantly become beautiful pieces of clothing. They are all “magicians” in the textile industry.


That is, [mohair] ,

And mohair is [Angora goat hair].

Mohair is corrugated, known for its softness,
Known for being extremely glossy and easy to color

Mohair’s hair is light and fluffy,

With unique luster,

Plus natural sagging, soft and plump

The yarn forms of mohair are also diverse and can also be blended with other wool fibers.

And mohair is divided into several grades, the most common of which are ordinary mohair, juvenile mohair and super juvenile mohair. Of course, different levels bring different levels of comfort to customers.

For example, ultra-young mohair is cut from the youngest Angora goats, which are five or six months old. The fineness of mohair determines its hair quality, and we usually use microns as the unit. The fineness of super young mohair is only 24-26um. Soft and comfortable, no irritation or itching when worn close to the body. We recommend NM1/35 27% ultra-young mohair, 21% ultra-fine merino wool, 52% nylon. This product is available in multiple colors and feels soft and silky smooth.

Young mohair is the birthplace of Angora goats.After the second shearing 6 months later, the mohair at this time is extremely fine, with a fineness of 27-28um. Although it is not as soft as the first shear, it is still considered the best among mohair.

Ordinary mohair is the third and fourth shearing of Angora goats when they are young. The hair quality is relatively long and the fiber fineness is 30-33um. After the fourth shearing, it becomes adult mohair. The fiber fineness is 30-40um, which is still considered a relatively fine fiber. Suitable for long-hair style coat products, not suitable for close-fitting wear.

Mohair yarn, especially ultra-young mohair, is particularly suitable for knitted clothing. The initial softness and unique lightness of mohair make the woven clothing have a comfortable touch. The natural luster of mohair is dyed to create brilliant and long-lasting colors. Mohair is particularly fluffy and soft, giving it a very unique aesthetic when weaving dresses. The superfine fiber of mohair yarn absorbs colors to a greater extent, making it more suitable for special dyeing processes such as hanging dyeing. The colors are excessively exquisite. exquisite!

Washing precautions:

1. Avoid setting Exposure to strong sunlight will damage the structure of the sheep fiber.

2. When the wool sweater deforms after washing, use an iron to iron it. Can be restored to original shape.

3. It is best to buy a newly purchased woolen sweater before it is officially worn. Wash – times because of the sweater production process. There will be some oil stains, paraffin, dust and other stolen goods in it, and the new woolen sweater will also smell of moth-proofing agent

4. If possible, the dehydrated woolen sweater can be dried at 80°C. If it is dried at room temperature, it is best not to use a hanger, but to use a clothes drying rod. Hang the sleeves or lay them flat and place them in a cool and ventilated place;

5 . Frequently use a soft brush to remove dust on the sweater to prevent the dust from affecting the appearance of the sweater;

6. It is best to prepare a few wool sweaters to wear in rotation, which will give the natural elasticity of the sheep fabric time to recover;

7. After wearing the shirt, put it in a cool and dry place. You can also place some mothballs. Try to use hangers when storing;

8. There will be some wrinkles after washing or dehydrating the sweater. Introduction -A simple method, put wet wool on the clothes and iron them at medium temperature to restore them to their original shape!

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