Which curtain fabric is best?

Curtains are a must-have for every home. In my home, curtains are needed in the hall, bedroom, and even the bathroom. The function of curtains is no longer limited to blocking. Som…

Curtains are a must-have for every home. In my home, curtains are needed in the hall, bedroom, and even the bathroom. The function of curtains is no longer limited to blocking. Some curtains can adjust indoor humidity, sound insulation, and absorb formaldehyde. Function, so curtains are closely related to our home health. The function of curtains is mainly determined by the fabric. Which curtain fabric is best? Below I will introduce to you several common curtain fabrics.

Linen curtains: Linen fabric is a kind of lighter fabric. Curtains produced with it have the following advantages. Linen style is retro and easy to match with furniture. Linen has many With strong hygroscopicity, curtains installed in the hall can absorb moisture, especially in the south, and can keep the hall relatively dry. Linen fabrics are relatively wear-resistant, so this kind of fabric has a long service life. The final linen curtains are not easy to breed bacteria and mold, and can also absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde and evaporate them quickly. Overall, they are environmentally friendly and better. A kind of curtain fabric.

Chenille curtains: This is one of the more popular curtain fabrics on the market. Chenille is a fabric made of twisted short fibers or filaments (mainly cotton). Chenille The curtain fabric is light and has a good drape. The fabric is comfortable to the touch and has good sunshade and sound insulation effects. It also has a certain degree of warmth retention. The production technology of chenille curtains is very mature and the cost is not high, so the attribute price is A relatively high-end curtain, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Polyester curtains: Polyester is a type of chemical fiber. Polyester is characterized by its strong strength and toughness, so curtains made of this fabric are very wear-resistant, so the curtains are not easy to break. Polyester The price of curtains is the lowest among the three fabrics mentioned in this article. Polyester curtains are suitable for some offices and classrooms.

The ones mentioned above are the more common curtain fabrics. Of course, these curtain fabrics are also available for sale. Friends who need to buy can go to the Hall 3 mall to check them out.


Author: clsrich