What kind of fabric is cashmere? How to clean cashmere?

Sheep fleece is a kind of textile fabric, which is more commonly known as polar fleece. It is usually made of chemical fiber (polyester is the most common) as raw materials and und…

Sheep fleece is a kind of textile fabric, which is more commonly known as polar fleece. It is usually made of chemical fiber (polyester is the most common) as raw materials and undergoes complex processing procedures (rawling, polarizing, etc.) A kind of velvet fabric. The fabric has good warmth retention properties and is therefore often used in the production of warm fabrics such as sweaters, coats and felts. This article will introduce this fabric to you based on the characteristics of cashmere.

Sheep cashmere is a kind of knitted fabric, so it has good elasticity like other knitted fabrics. The strength and toughness of the fabric will be improved after processing. , and at the same time, it is not prone to lint, pilling and other phenomena, so this type of fabric will be much simpler to care for.

Cashmere has dense velvet, fluffy appearance and soft touch, which are the main characteristics of the fabric. Like other velvet fabrics, it has excellent warmth retention and is widely used in autumn and winter clothing, such as jackets. , scarves, etc. Of course, different types of cashmere will have deviations in characteristics. Some are elastic and some are not elastic. Therefore, when purchasing cashmere, we should pay attention to inquire about the specific characteristics of the fabric.

The cashmere currently sold on the market is basically made of polyester. Polyester is easy to obtain and the production cost is low, so the price of cashmere fabric is generally not expensive. This is why cashmere is favored by The reason why consumers like it is that cashmere can also be combined with other fabrics for processing.

As for how to wash cashmere clothes, the washing method is similar to other clothes. When washing with water, you should pay attention to the washing strength and choose a neutral detergent. Washing in the washing machine will easily damage the quality of the clothes, so It is best to wash by hand.

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