What kind of fabric is good for making sweatshirts?

Sweatshirts are a very popular type of clothing in autumn and winter. Sweatshirts are fashionable, easy to wear, and have a certain degree of warmth. Therefore, they are also loved…

Sweatshirts are a very popular type of clothing in autumn and winter. Sweatshirts are fashionable, easy to wear, and have a certain degree of warmth. Therefore, they are also loved by young men and women. So what kind of fabric are our sweatshirts made of? What about? What are the characteristics of these fabrics? Below I will introduce to you several fabrics that can be used to make sweatshirts.

Cotton sweatshirts: Cotton sweatshirts are sweatshirts made of 100% cotton. Cotton sweatshirts are very comfortable and warm, and the fabric is close to the skin. It will not irritate the human body, but cotton has poor elasticity and will shrink after being used for a long time. The price will be more expensive than chemical fiber sweatshirts, but in general it is still very suitable for making sweatshirts. The following is a cotton sweatshirt fabric sold in the mall in Hall 3.

Cotton sweatshirt fabric: The composition of this fabric is 100% cotton. Its weight and width are 320g and 180cm respectively. The style is simple and modern, and the fabric is slightly soft. The elastic is thick and very soft, suitable for the production of sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports suits and other products. The fabric price is 30 yuan/meter.

Stretch sweatshirt: Stretch is what we often call spandex, but spandex is generally not woven separately, but is blended with other fabrics, usually cotton or polyester and other chemical fiber blends, and The proportion in the fabric will not be higher than that of the fabrics blended with it. The main feature of the stretch frame is its good elasticity. The sweatshirt made of this kind of fabric has good elasticity and is not easy to wrinkle and pill after washing.

Stretch sweatshirt fabric: This fabric is made of 77% cotton + 23% spandex. The maximum weight is 480g/m², so the fabric will be much thicker. Naturally, it has very good warmth retention properties. There are loops on the reverse side of the fabric. It is suitable for making sweatshirts, sweatpants, pullovers and other clothing. The wholesale price of the fabric is 50 yuan/meter.

Cotton-polyester sweatshirt: As the name suggests, cotton-polyester sweatshirt is a blend of cotton fiber and polyester fiber. The fabric feels comfortable and the fabric is durable and wear-resistant. Of course, there are many kinds of cotton in the Hall 3 shopping mall. Polyester sweatshirts are for sale. The one below is a popular cotton-polyester fabric.

CVC sweatshirt fabric: Its composition is 65% cotton + 35% polyester fiber, and the width of the fabric is 1.55 meters. The sweatshirts made with it are soft to the touch and not stiff, are comfortable and warm to wear for a long time, and are easy to care for. They are very suitable for the production of sweatshirts. The price of fabric is 25 yuan/meter.


Author: clsrich