Why does waterproof Oxford cloth have a pungent odor?

When many people purchase waterproof Oxford cloth products, they will find that it has a pungent odor that makes people feel uncomfortable. So what causes this odor? Let’s find out…

When many people purchase waterproof Oxford cloth products, they will find that it has a pungent odor that makes people feel uncomfortable. So what causes this odor? Let’s find out below.

Chemical additives

In order to improve the waterproof performance and durability, manufacturers usually add various chemical additives to Oxford cloth. These additives include polyurethane, neoprene, etc. While these chemicals can improve a product’s performance, they can also release harmful gases that can cause odors.
In addition, the dyes and auxiliaries used in the production process may also contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can also cause odor.

Storage environment

In addition to chemical additives, the storage environment may also have an impact on waterproof oxford cloth. If the storage environment is moist or lacks ventilation, it will promote the growth of bacteria and mold and increase the production of odor.

Therefore, after purchasing waterproof Oxford cloth products, it is recommended to store them in a dry and ventilated place. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid mixing with other items to avoid contamination by other items.

Cleaning methods

Cleaning methods may also affect whether the waterproof Oxford cloth will produce odor. If you use too strong or inappropriate cleaning agents, it may damage the fabric surface and increase the chance of odor development.

Therefore, when cleaning Waterproof Oxford Cloth products, it is recommended to use mild detergents that do not contain harmful ingredients and follow correct cleaning methods. At the same time, after cleaning, make sure to dry the product thoroughly and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

It can be seen from the above analysis that the pungent odor produced by waterproof Oxford cloth is mainly caused by the combination of chemical additives, storage environment and cleaning methods. Therefore, when purchasing, using and storing waterproof Oxford cloth products, please pay attention to choosing high-quality products, keeping them dry and ventilated, and cleaning them correctly.

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