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How to choose between plain weave and twill weave? Which one is the first choice for tent fabric? Today I will bring you some knowledge! First, let’s understand the differences bet…

How to choose between plain weave and twill weave? Which one is the first choice for tent fabric? Today I will bring you some knowledge! First, let’s understand the differences between these two fabrics. Both plainOxford clothand twill Oxford cloth are made from a blend of polyester and nylon fibers, but they are woven in different directions. Plain weave Oxford cloth is interwoven vertically and horizontally, while twill weave Oxford cloth is interwoven vertically and horizontally at a certain angle.

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From the perspective of waterproof performance, plain Oxford cloth is more waterproof than twill Oxford cloth. The fibers of plain oxford cloth are more tightly interwoven, which can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating. The twill Oxford fabric has a large interweaving angle and the fibers in the fabric are loose, so its waterproof performance is slightly inferior. In addition, from the perspective of weight and durability, twill oxford cloth is more durable than plain oxford cloth. This is because the interwoven fibers in twill oxford cloth balance the weight, reducing stretch and wear in the fabric, making it more durable. So, if you need to use the tent for a long time, twill oxford fabric will be a better choice. Another factor to consider is cost. Compared with twill Oxford cloth, the cost of plain Oxford cloth is lower. This is because the production process of plain oxford cloth is simpler and requires less material.

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Taking the above factors into consideration, in general, both plain and twill Oxford cloth have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh the balance between fabric quality and cost to choose the fabric that best suits your needs. Oxford cloth and environmentally friendly recycled series specifications and classifications: 1680D Oxford cloth, 1200D Oxford cloth, 900D Oxford cloth, 600D Oxford cloth, 420D Oxford cloth, 300D Oxford cloth, 210D Oxford cloth, 150D Oxford cloth, etc.; press Functional classification: flame retardant oxford cloth, waterproof flame retardant cloth, silver-coated flame retardant cloth, pu waterproof oxford cloth, PVC oxford cloth, TPE, TPU, anti-UV, camouflage oxford cloth, fluorescent oxford cloth, compound cloth, etc. Please consult customer service for details .


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