What are the types of textile yarns?

According to spinning process:Combed yarn: As the name suggests, it is yarn made through combing process. The opposite is carded yarn. The difference in their technology is that co…

According to spinning process:
Combed yarn: As the name suggests, it is yarn made through combing process. The opposite is carded yarn. The difference in their technology is that combed yarn fiber The thinner and finer, the higher quality materials will be used.
Carded yarn: It is yarn made through normal textile process.

According to the length of yarn fiber, it can be divided into filament yarn and staple fiber yarn:
Filament yarn: it is a filament that has been twisted or deformed through processes such as twisting or deformation. Made of yarn.
Short fiber yarn: Short fiber can be divided into three types: cotton type yarn, medium and long fiber type yarn, and wool type yarn.

According to fiber type:
According to fiber type, yarn can be divided into four types: pure spinning yarn, blended yarn, twisted yarn and blended yarn. Pure imitation refers to pure cotton, pure polyester and other yarns. Blended and twisted yarns are yarns made by blending more than one type of fiber.

Divided by dyeing and finishing processing:
According to dyeing and finishing methods, yarns can be roughly divided into five types: primary color yarn, bleached yarn, dyed yarn, yarn weaving yarn and mercerized yarn. Yarns have their own characteristics, and you need to choose according to your own needs when purchasing.

It can be divided according to yarn density:
Those with a density of 32tex and above are called thick special yarns, while those with a density of medium special yarns are 21 to 21tex, and fine special yarns The density is from 11 to 20tex, and less than 10tex is an extra-fine yarn.

Divided according to yarn structure:
According to the structure of yarn, yarn can be divided into four types: monofilament, multifilament, twisted yarn and composite yarn.

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