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If Oxford cloth and PVC materials are required to make bags, they must be waterproof or oil-proof. If these two materials are compared, the quality and service life Generally speak…

If Oxford cloth and PVC materials are required to make bags, they must be waterproof or oil-proof. If these two materials are compared, the quality and service life Generally speaking, Oxford cloth has the absolute advantage and is also more durable. Both raincoats have their own advantages. Pvc has the advantages of being light and easy to use but not durable, while Oxford cloth is waterproof and durable.

PVC Oxford cloth is coated with PVC-containing glue on the Oxford cloth blank. The surface is smoother and the waterproofness is 100%. This kind of Oxford cloth is waterproof, mildew-proof and cold-resistant. Aging resistance, anti-static and other properties. In actual use, PVC materials add stabilizers, lubricants, antistatic agents, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, anti-impact agents and other additives. They have non-flammability, aging resistance, high strength, climate change resistance and excellent Geometric stability. PVC is highly resistant to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. Waterproof Oxford cloth is a function that any size of Oxford cloth can have. It is just a waterproofing agent added during the dyeing and finishing process. It can be PVC waterproof Oxford cloth, PU waterproof Oxford cloth, etc. It has fine texture, strong waterproofness, weather aging resistance, fire resistance, UV resistance, and more diverse forms. Fabrics are used in all walks of life. Oxford raincoat fabric, this type of raincoat fabric is made of nylon or polyester fabrics with a specific weaving method. It is easy to wash and dry quickly, soft to the touch, has good moisture absorption properties, the fabric has a soft color, a soft body, and good breathability. It is easy to wear Comfortable, with features such as a two-color effect.

Oxford cloth and environmentally friendly recycled series specifications and classifications: 1680D Oxford cloth, 1200D Oxford cloth, 900D Oxford cloth, 600D Oxford cloth, 420D Oxford cloth, 300D Oxford cloth, 210D Oxford cloth, 150D Oxford cloth, etc.; classified by function: flame retardant Oxford cloth, waterproof flame retardant cloth, silver-coated flame retardant cloth, pu waterproof Oxford cloth, PVC Oxford cloth, TPE, TPU, anti-UV, camouflage Oxford cloth , fluorescent Oxford cloth, composite cloth, etc. Please consult customer service for details.


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