Dornier AWV series air-jet looms

Dornier AWV series air-jet loom Dornier AWV series air-jet loom is a new type of air-jet loom researched and developed by Lindauer Dornier Company in Germany in recent years. Suita…

Dornier AWV series air-jet loom

Dornier AWV series air-jet loom is a new type of air-jet loom researched and developed by Lindauer Dornier Company in Germany in recent years.
Suitable weaving varieties AWV series air-jet looms are suitable for weaving a variety of natural fibers and chemical fibers, and can produce lining fabrics, tie fabrics, denim, denim, terry towel fabrics, industrial fabrics, corduroy, super Fine staple fibers and filaments, anti-down fabrics, fine wool fabrics, brocades, sun protection fabrics, air bag fabrics, PU coated fabrics, decorative fabrics, etc.
The main structure adopts high-quality cast iron wall panels. It is connected by circular cross-section beams and two steel guide rails. The loom has good dynamic balance, reduces vibration to a low point, does not require anchor screws, and can maintain continuous, stable and high-speed operation for a long time.
Precise weft insertion achieves precise control of the weft yarn. With the help of the full weft insertion control (PLC) system, the air injection time and pressure from the weft feeder to the main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle are controlled, and the weft yarn is monitored to ensure that the weft yarn is The entire flight was precisely controlled.
Weft feeder adopts separate yarn loop type weft feeder. The weft feeder can wind the weft yarn in the “S” or “Z” direction. Equipped with an electronically controlled weft tensioner and a stand-alone spinning yarn tension detector to detect the weft yarn. These devices are all completed on the host’s main keyboard.
Automatic bobbin conversion When a bobbin is used up or ends are broken during mixed yarn weaving, the computer system on the machine will stop the broken or used weft feeder and use other weft feeders to supply yarn to keep the loom running continuously. .
Main nozzle The main nozzle can process weft yarns of eight colors or yarn types. The main nozzle can be either unilaterally modulated or symmetrically modulated. The nozzle assembly, scissors, pressure plate, etc. form an assembly, which simplifies the time of refurbishment.
Relay nozzles are equipped with various nozzles of different hole diameters and forms. The solenoid valve switching time of each group of relay nozzles can be set independently and controlled by the loom computer.
The tensioning nozzle and the three-weft broken detector are integrated together. The three-weft broken detector is also equipped with two weft stop detectors.
The beat-up system adopts a conjugated cam beat-up mechanism, and the reed base is made of lightweight alloy with high strength. There is a set of beat-up mechanisms on the left and right sides, and the beat-up force is even and consistent, meeting the high-speed operation requirements of the loom.
Rotary temple support This kind of temple support can be freely adjusted up, down, left and right, and the angle of the thorn ring can also be easily adjusted.
Full-width temples When the effective width of the fabric changes, the full-width temples do not need to be cut or replaced, and can be quickly and directly converted to general temples.
Side shearing is equipped with a variety of electronically controlled and independently driven side shearing devices, including electronic side shearing.
Shedding mechanism can be equipped with Stäubli’s positive cam shedding mechanism, positive or negative dobby shedding mechanism and jacquard shedding mechanism. Ultra-high-power jacquard driving device, suitable for jacquard devices with more than 10,000 stitches.
The shedding mechanism has a universal automatic lubricating heald rod system, quick connection of the heald frame, and quick interchange of the dobby mechanism and the cam mechanism.
The fabric edge mechanism can be equipped with an electronic edge twister or a pneumatic edge folding device.
Warp let-off mechanism The let-off system controlled by a servo motor can be equipped with a warp beam with a diameter of 800~1000mm or a warp beam with a diameter of 1600mm. It can be equipped with left and right warp beams and upper and lower warp beams, all of which are controlled by servo motors. .
The winding mechanism adopts a servo motor control system to accurately control the warp tension by cooperating with the tension detection and warp let-off system. The electronic take-up system can cooperate with the automatic weft finding system to automatically align the cloth fell. It can be equipped with a large cloth roll device outside the machine, and the diameter of the cloth roll can reach 1500mm.
Utilize the servo motor and tension detection system, and simultaneously control the let-off, coiling speed, flat heddle and super-start motors to achieve the purpose of eliminating the start and stop gears.
Control system Large-screen color display with multi-menu functions for easy operation. The large screen can display various parameters and store parameters.
CAN-bus operating system is an open multi-processor computer system. The data of each component on the machine is first processed and calculated by the independent CPU, and then the calculation results are quickly exchanged with the host computer.
DoNet communication system is used to monitor and process relevant data and process parameters and provide services.
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