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During the winter, are e-commerce and online marketing really useful?

During the winter, are e-commerce and online marketing really useful? The global financial crisis is coming, export trade is becoming increasingly depressed, and some foreign trade…

During the winter, are e-commerce and online marketing really useful?

The global financial crisis is coming, export trade is becoming increasingly depressed, and some foreign trade companies that mainly rely on exports cannot bear the pressure and have closed down one after another. The economic environment is full of crises, and what should happen is that other industries will either be in danger, or they will feel the cold, and join together to fight the severe cold. But this situation has become a different phenomenon in the field of online marketing. B2B, B2C, etc., no matter how big or small, are jumping out to announce: e-commerce can save small and medium-sized enterprises; SEO service providers make an urgent statement: In the face of crisis, search engine optimization is the key; online advertising is not willing to give up. Showing weakness: The first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to survive the winter is here. Search engine service providers may still be busy because they are tired of discussing the issue of “bidding ranking”.

It seems that when small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the cold, they have really become the “Tang Monk Meat” for the heroes of all walks of life in Internet marketing. Experts from all walks of life who claim to be “reputable” Internet marketing are now vying to be the “heroes” who save small and medium-sized enterprises that are in dire straits. They are all “supermen” who think that as long as small and medium-sized enterprises have their own unique secrets, they can take over everything. Cure all diseases and bring the dead back to life.

But when various network marketing experts sell plasters and prepare to treat illnesses and save people, do they ever know what diseases small and medium-sized enterprises suffer from and where they come from? Can a strong dose of medicine be taken to ensure recovery? A shot in the arm Can you seek good health by pricking it? If you just need to treat the head for a headache and the foot for a sore foot, then you will have to call several doctors for pain all over the body. The owner, who is already cash-strapped, will not be forced to death by the creditor.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing difficulties, and the road to corporate marketing will be even more difficult. Internet marketing will surely become their main appeal, but not just being in the name of “internet marketing” will definitely win the favor of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a fact that small and medium-sized enterprises need to fight against the cold. However, if Internet marketing does not have a good prescription for the right medicine, it cannot make small and medium-sized enterprises feel comfortable. It is only satisfied with giving them temporary relief, and still uses old methods to treat new diseases. Small and medium-sized enterprises will also treat it. Shut out.

The homework that small and medium-sized enterprises need to do now is not whether to choose online marketing, but what kind of online marketing to choose. If Internet marketing service providers still look at the old imperial calendar without any changes, then they will still have little effect on the marketing strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises. To solve this problem, we must start with the urgent needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to “survive the winter”. The onset of the financial crisis and the compression of consumer prices have a direct impact on small and medium-sized enterprises, which is a serious setback in the sales market. At this moment, the key to corporate marketing is The problem is how to obtain accurate results, and more importantly, it also needs to meet the prerequisites for reducing corporate marketing costs.

Any single network marketing can no longer meet the higher requirements of small and medium-sized enterprise owners, and a single network marketing model cannot respond in a timely manner to the uniqueness of small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to meet more needs of small and medium-sized enterprises at the same time, the Internet Marketing service providers should also learn from Bruce Lee, learn from the strengths of others, and create a set of combos. Shanghai Huisu is leading the way in this regard. It launched the one-stop online marketing platform Yibiduo early last year to “build The nine-character policy of “website, promotion, and conversion” integrates website construction, online promotion, and conversion tools, and declares to lead the Internet Marketing 2.0 era.

Although “one-stop online marketing” literally has the potential to solve all aspects of online marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and package services are more affordable than retail, its core should be effect transformation. For small and medium-sized business owners, the expansion of sales channels is inevitable to maintain the development of the enterprise, and the acquisition of sales leads is the most welcome effect.

Or, the centralized use of conversion tools is only the initial aggregation of online. Tang Jun expressed his regrets about this in an interview with Financial TV about the development of domestic Internet companies: “There is too little combination of online and offline.” In his words It will be a revelation to the Internet Marketing Service Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, if the companies mentioned earlier that have successively launched one-stop online marketing service products can cooperate with strong and high-quality manual services, they will make up for offline.

Of course, it is not enough for small and medium-sized enterprises to just choose the right online marketing method. No matter how perfect the tool is, after all, it is external conditions. If you want to “survive the winter” safely, in addition to relying on “blood transfusion”, you must also “make blood” yourself. Only by further adjusting and optimizing the corporate operating structure, innovating ideas, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure can we be prepared for any risks. After all, it is also sung in the “Internationale”: There has never been any savior, nor does it depend on gods and emperors, it all depends on ourselves.



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