A new generation of online marketing model

A new generation of online marketing model With the popularity and development of the Internet in the past decade, the ways in which enterprises use the Internet to carry out marke…

A new generation of online marketing model

With the popularity and development of the Internet in the past decade, the ways in which enterprises use the Internet to carry out marketing have also been constantly updated. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises have noticed the necessity of Internet marketing, and have chosen their own methods to join this mighty market. In the turbulent Internet marketing trend.

With the participation of many companies, my country’s online marketing landscape has become diversified. Whether it is traditional corporate website construction, search engine marketing, online advertising marketing, online membership marketing, or B2B and C2C marketing that emerged in 2005, they have greatly increased the choices of marketing methods for small and medium-sized enterprises. Behind the various means of choice, various problems have begun to trouble marketers of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Are you still investing heavily in inefficient marketing?

“A lot of money was spent, but the expected results were not achieved.” Many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing this practical problem. In order to seize a strong publicity position in emerging electronic media, small and medium-sized enterprises still spend a lot of money and invest in online communication. Among the lessons bought with a lot of money, the lesson “the Internet is not everything” is placed in front of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Building independent websites is one of the more tendent self-promotion methods of small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years. Statistics from CCID Consulting show that in the SME Internet market worth tens of billions, two-thirds of SMEs have built their own websites and have spent a lot of manpower and material resources to improve website columns and designs. However, data fed back from website traffic monitoring and analysis shows that 90% of corporate websites bring almost “0” daily business volume. Its low efficiency has led many entrepreneurs to think that online marketing is useless.

Later, the introduction of purchasing keywords and bidding rankings enabled small and medium-sized enterprises to promote themselves through portals and search websites, bringing in a large number of visitors. But then another phenomenon arises that corporate managers don’t want to see: visitors who cross the threshold are like visitors from a foreign land, who often wander around on the corporate website and then leave. Although companies provide these visitors with various ways to make further contact: phone numbers, mailing addresses, QQ, MSN, E-mail, etc., they often result in no success and it is difficult to retain visitors, let alone bring realistic marketing goals to the company. : Sales volume increased.

With the advent of web2.0 today, online marketing with the help of third-party e-commerce platforms has gradually become a new round of popular theme. For those companies that have invested money in third-party e-commerce platforms, the more common feeling is that their own capital investment has made the third party brilliant. As a large amount of corporate information is injected into third-party platforms, third parties begin to use their popularity to attract customers. The injection of more corporate information and funds will lead to fame and fortune. Many small and medium-sized enterprises can only wait for the lucky ocean current to roll up the small enterprises buried deep under the sea to the surface of the business platform where many enterprises gather.

Sound marketing, changing the old concept of online marketing

In 2005, the concept of web2.0 was introduced to China, causing a huge change in daily life. For a time, the Internet lifestyle based on initiative, interaction, and interactivity was discovered and became the mainstream of the times. In the marketing world, the concept of “interaction” has also received more and more attention from companies. So how can we achieve true interaction?

The concept of interaction first emphasizes the effective communication between buyers and sellers in time and space. The emergence of the Internet has realized communication across space in form, connecting people in different places through the Internet. Although current instant communication software can help buyers and sellers achieve this kind of communication to a certain extent, the prerequisite is that both parties must install similar tools and software, which brings certain inconvenience to users.

Interactive marketing emphasizes mutual satisfaction between buyers and sellers to achieve a win-win situation. In the concept of interactive marketing, buyers can convey their needs to sellers in a timely manner, and sellers can also use these first-hand information from consumers to adjust their product strategies in a timely manner and develop products that can better meet market needs, forming a win-win situation in interactive exchanges.

Emphasizing the diversity of marketing methods is another feature of online interactive marketing. This diversity is first reflected in the diversity of communication methods. The various communication methods such as voice and video brought by the Internet have long been adapted to the vast majority of Internet users. Modern marketing should also transform these large online elements into marketing tools. At the same time, marketing research methods should also be diversified. Grasp the information that visitors care about and implement targeted marketing.

The most transformative aspect of interactive marketing is that it turns the original passive marketing into a proactive model for enterprises. In response to the problem of large loss of visitors, many companies have taken corresponding measures to save it. Baobaotong, the creator of voice marketing, put forward the concept of voice marketing, that is: corporate network spokespersons actively use multiple languages ​​to warmly welcome and accompany every visiting customer, extend the customer’s retention time, and establish a profound Impressions increase the rate of second visits and deliver and obtain more effective information.



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