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Marketers: Three major weaknesses of being quickly eliminated

Marketers: Three major weaknesses of being quickly eliminated Mentioning “marketing” will make many people love and hate them; speaking of “marketing people&#8221…

Marketers: Three major weaknesses of being quickly eliminated

Mentioning “marketing” will make many people love and hate them; speaking of “marketing people” will make people respect and pity them. Why do you feel this way? Just because “marketing” is a profound knowledge, it has also caused countless hardships to those who are close to it. As far as China is concerned, according to incomplete statistics, there are 80 million marketing troops active on the front line. These marketers are dedicated to the “marketing industry” that they are not proficient in. After they choose marketing, due to mistakes in major or career choice, they do marketing “through smoke and mirrors”, or their companies lack relevant occupations. Career planning guidance and training. This situation has caused a considerable number of current marketers to feel confused or confused. They are worried about the unreachable “future” and are also awakening from how to be a real marketer. In view of this situation, as a well-known domestic practical Lange Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency, we have summarized several reasons why marketers are quickly eliminated. It may provide some help and inspiration to the majority of marketers, so as to truly understand how to do it. He is a true “marketer”!

One of the Achilles’ heel: Unsteady goals. Many marketers enter the marketing industry by mistake. Perhaps it is due to the work pressure during employment or the inducement of the marketing industry. In short, marketers are not born to be marketers. , got into the industry by stumble. Therefore, most marketers do not have clear goals when they first enter the industry. Instead, they often change their goals or modify their goals according to work conditions. To give a simple example, Wang, the Shandong regional business manager of a certain product, is an experienced marketer with six years of marketing career. When he first entered the industry, he set a goal of becoming a regional manager in two years and a large-scale salesperson in four years. He was a district manager, and he became a marketing director in eight years. One year has passed in the blink of an eye. Think about it, it is impossible to become a regional manager in two years. Now six years have passed, and he is still a regional business manager. In this process, he will not go Instead of thinking about why and how to achieve his goals, he adjusted his goals. By the eighth year of his expected goals, he even lost his ambition and fighting spirit. This is a typical example! It is also a representative fact! It is impossible for marketers like Wang to become excellent marketers. Only persistent marketers can become excellent marketers. There are countless examples of persistent marketers, inspiring generations of marketers. Facts have proved that the reason why they are successful is because they have a firm goal, and they themselves have put in a hundred times of effort and perseverance to achieve this goal. . Only with a firm goal can you be a qualified marketer!

The second Achilles heel: Marketing without strong planning can be understood as a war without smoke. “Successful kings and defeated bandits” are also reflected here a lot. At the same time, marketing is a dynamic phenomenon that can change drastically in an instant. It is precisely because of this change that the plan made in advance cannot be comprehensive, and the plan must be changed and revised at any time according to the situation on the battlefield. Marketing is a dynamic thing. Marketing work is carried out in a dynamic environment, and the marketing environment changes very rapidly. Excellent marketers must and must adapt to changes in the market environment, competitors’ market strategies and competition methods at any time. Adjust and revise its market strategies, competitive measures, etc. according to changes in market conditions and internal resources, but at the same time, market goals cannot be changed. In the era of shortage economy, marketers are often a mechanical and passive group. Their role seems to be to win living space and development opportunities by exerting physical strength and blood and sweat. But times have changed, and the trajectory of rapid economic development cannot tolerate the memory of the past and the echoes of precipitated history. Today is an era of surplus economy. The high degree of homogeneity of products and the convergence and segmentation of the market often make companies in the ice and fire world. Looking for a window of hope in the duel, the selling points, personality and differentiation of the product and the brand concept formed around its evolution often test many experienced and passionate marketers. At this stage, society gives them The role and strict tempering of the market require marketers to have more mental power in addition to physical strength. Therefore, the work of marketing does not require an executor like Rowan in “Send the Message to Garcia” for a commander or company. In other words, blind execution will only make things worse. Only by adapting to changes in the surrounding situation and rationally using dynamic marketing strategies, that is to say, the plan must be rewritten at any time according to changes in the environment and resources, and it must change according to events, times, and situations.

The third Achilles heel: Not good at resource allocation. The success of a business depends on single-handedly. It will never be successful when working alone. It requires collective wisdom and team strength. In a changing era, the diverse value orientations make Opportunities favor those who are good at managing themselves, so they should be good at making friends in society and accumulate rich network resources. We are now in an open era, where the flow of information and culture continues to stimulate our sensitivity and innovation-seeking instincts. We must be good at taking the initiative, consciously attend meetings in the industry, and carry out activities to gain diversified gains from making friends with people. Only when a person has extensive and deep connections can he have many opportunities in social situations and so on.Use this stage to express your opinions as much as possible and boldly elaborate on your views and ideas. Only in this way can you truly demonstrate your advantages and highlight your own influence



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