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Soft article advertising: Why there is so much thunder but so little rain

Soft article advertisement: Why there is less rain than heavy thunder Soft-text advertising has always been favored by many companies due to its advantages of low cost and clear ex…

Soft article advertisement: Why there is less rain than heavy thunder

Soft-text advertising has always been favored by many companies due to its advantages of low cost and clear expression. Large companies have separate soft-text advertising departments with a group of professional copywriters who plan and publish soft-text advertisements in batches. Newspapers, magazines and newspapers also have separate soft-text advertising departments. This has become the main ground battlefield for soft-text advertising bombardment by these companies.

In the battle for enterprises to seize market share, soft-text advertising and print advertising are two swords that complement each other. A friend once compared news to a lover and soft-article advertisements to a prostitute. Lovers are based on your love and our will, and require long-term emotional investment and long-term in-depth communication with media friends. Prostitutes, on the other hand, often have clearly marked prices. As long as they are willing to pay, the media can publish them anytime and anywhere. In fact, whether you are a lover or a prostitute, there is no clear dividing line. A lover can become a prostitute, and a prostitute can be upgraded to a lover. One thing they all have in common is the company’s products, brand, and market share.

But not all soft-text advertisements are effective. Some companies’ soft-text advertisements are published in the media, but readers don’t like to read them, so they immediately put them aside and wish to leave them as far away as possible. Fear and hatred are like meeting ghosts and fearing to avoid them. If you don’t read it occasionally, you will feel like it is stuck in your throat, dull and uninteresting, and you can’t go on any further. You don’t believe in the content of the soft article advertisement, and it cannot stimulate customers’ desire to buy. It neither achieves the expected effect of the soft article advertisement, but also wastes the company’s advertising resources. “Big thunder but few raindrops”, the reality is very different from the original intention of the advertising planners.

What are the main phenomena of “big thunder but few raindrops” in soft-text advertisements:

: “Hot pot style”, large and comprehensive. Newbies who write software advertisements all have a common problem. Either they don’t know how to write, or they write all the content of the company, from the past to the present, from product quality to functional effects, from brand development to channel development, and then add promotional information. , dealer address, phone number, as if consumers don’t know, they all are expressed, but the result seems to be that nothing is expressed, and when it reaches the hands of readers, they don’t even read it.

Second, Wang Po sells melons, selling herself and boasting. Some soft-text advertisements talk about the quality of their products, how effective they are, what kind of people they are suitable for, etc. Throughout the article, I say that my product is good and has many benefits. I try my best to praise it, but it often does not win the favor of readers and consumers are ungrateful.

Third, the godless “cross-eyed”. Some soft-text advertisements are rich in content and well-organized, but the title is not good, like a dull “cross-eyed”, which makes many readers put off the title and cannot read the text.

Fourth, “gray hair and dirty face.” Some soft-text advertisements have well-chosen themes and exquisite and prominent titles, but the structure is unreasonable, the voice is not friendly, the sentences are not fluent, and uncommon words and misspellings are missing. A good news point is “dusted” by these basic skills of expression. “Yes.”

Fifth, “It happens at the right time, but it doesn’t belong to its owner.” The content of some soft-article advertisements is in line with the development of the industry and the writing is not bad. However, if they are not published in the right media and layout, the advertising effect is greatly reduced.

Planning a soft-text advertisement that can produce benefits is not a simple task. It not only requires gorgeous and vivid language and touching ideas, but also sophisticated words and vivid titles to achieve a fascinating and “moisturizing” wonderful state, making readers never tire of reading it a hundred times and stimulating some kind of impulsive desire. desire.

How can we prevent the phenomenon of “big thunder but few raindrops”? Soft copy advertising planners must first have literary accomplishments, certain writing methods and skills in controlling words. This is the basic skill for writing soft copy advertising, which is usually required You should read more and write more, and gradually accumulate. Secondly, we need to have a thorough understanding of the industry in which the company operates, and understand all aspects of the company without giving up on the smallest details. Then dig out one or two news highlights from a large amount of material and use them as the theme of your own soft article. Write deeply and thoroughly, and don’t express it broadly, like the “big pot” of Northeastern stew. Coupled with a vivid and vivid title, the title should have a magical effect of capturing the soul. The content of soft articles should be engaging and grasp the readers’ reading habits and consumer psychology. When publishing soft articles, it is best to place them in the official version, not in the advertising column, so that readers have the need to read them. The content of soft articles must be consistent with the style of the media in order to achieve the target effect and attract readers’ attention.

“Advertising is easy to make, but soft copy is difficult to write.” Print advertisements and soft-text advertisements are all used to promote the company’s products. Each has its own routines and techniques, and both require creativity. Zhu Yutong, the helmsman of Adoption Advertising, once said: “We reject mediocrity” and “If you don’t have creativity, go to hell.”

I hope that advertising soft-text writers can write works that readers will never tire of reading, pave the way for the company’s products, attract more consumers’ attention, and stimulate customers’ desire to buy. Only then can it be considered a successful advertising soft-text.



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