Three “killer tips” for successful marketing

Three “killer tips” for successful marketing Shi Yuzhu created a unique marketing method. What is his trump card for successful marketing? There has never been a person…

Three “killer tips” for successful marketing

Shi Yuzhu created a unique marketing method. What is his trump card for successful marketing?

There has never been a person with a turbulent career track like Shi Yuzhu, from a penniless wage earner in Shenzhen to the CEO of a “Giant Group” with hundreds of millions of assets, and then suddenly disappeared. A few years later, he calmly hid behind “Melatonin”, manipulating the advertisement bombardment of “If you don’t accept gifts during the holidays this year, you will receive melatonin as a gift” that annoyed countless advertising media. When he was making a lot of money from “Melatonin”, he rushed to the New York Stock Exchange with his “journey”, which was a bit like the “Return of the King”.

Regarding the marketing of the online game market, Shi Yuzhu has repeatedly told the media that it is “very backward. This industry does not pay attention to consumer research.” There is almost no leading figure in the online game industry who can play games like Shi Yuzhu and spend more than 20 years playing games. Year.

His competitors Chen Tianqiao and Ding Lei do not play games, so they cannot deeply feel what kind of game products can make players want to stop, and they will not consider why the game must be boringly upgraded to defeat monsters. , there is no way to answer these questions without a certain number of years of gaming experience.

Endlessly understanding the needs of customers is one of Shi Yuzhu’s “ trump cards ” in marketing.

Another of Shi Yuzhu’s marketing “ trump cards ” is his extremely sensitive sense of smell for advertisements, which cannot be learned by ordinary people. He is well versed in the operating rules of the media, and the marketing mix he created led to the extraordinary performance of Melatonin. In January 2001 alone, it achieved a record of more than 200 million yuan. If you study the methods used in Melatonin advertisements, you can find the huge difference between his advertising methods and those of ordinary people:

1. Melatonin’s soft article promotion planning can be said to be one of the best in the industry. Melatonin’s large-scale use of half-page, full-page and continuous-page soft advertising campaigns can be called a classic case in the medical industry, such as “Not having a bowel movement for one day is equivalent to three draws.” Articles such as “Pack of Cigarettes” and “Is a 30-year-old Woman a Flower or a Dump of Tofu” are still fresh in many people’s minds.

2. Each newspaper advertisement for melatonin will indicate the hotline number and tell consumers where to buy it, so that the advertisement will not be hung high in the sky. Every hard advertisement has a main slogan, which is large and eye-catching. Moreover, when placing hard advertisements, do not include “Guangdong” or “local food promotion brand name”, but use “Health Food and Health Brand Number (1997) No. 723” approved by the Ministry of Health. I believe many people in the advertising industry have not noticed this detail.

3. What is admirable is that the vulgar old man and old lady advertisement started on TV in 2002 and has persisted for 5 years until today. This is not something that ordinary companies can do. From this we can see the consistency of “Shi’s marketing method”.

Shi Yuzhu is an ardent admirer of Mao Zedong Thought. He has always adopted Mao Zedong’s combat thoughts in marketing wars. The key one is to “concentrate superior forces and make breakthroughs in various areas.” There are 6 items in “Shi Yuzhu’s Marketing Rules”, three of which are related to this:

The first rule is: “To make a product, you must build a brand, otherwise it will be difficult to last long and do well. If you don’t do it, you will not be truly successful.”;

The second rule is the focus rule: “There must be a focus in the use of marketing means. We must increase manpower, material resources, and financial resources, focus on key areas, use key means, and go deep and thorough. No matter how strong a company’s financial strength is, , we can only work hard on a few key industries, key regions, and key products. If we don’t work evenly on the key points, we will inevitably fail.”

The third rule is the rule of brand extension, that is, “one product has one brand, and the brand cannot be extended randomly.”

This shows that Shi Yuzhu attaches great importance to the principle of concentrating superior forces. In the marketing of Melatonin, this principle has been applied more vividly.

For example, in the Jiangyin market where Melatonin was first launched, Shi Yuzhu first built a county and spent 100,000 yuan in advertising to hit the Jiangyin market, which quickly produced a warm market effect. Jiangyin was chosen to better integrate rural areas and The urban markets are connected, and 100,000 yuan for advertising in Shanghai is not enough for one page of newspaper advertising. It is this marketing idea that enables Melatonin to create a “blue ocean of marketing” in the red ocean of health care products.

In online games, Shi Yuzhu’s “sea, land and air” armies began to appear in full force again, following the unique “Shi’s” pragmatic and unexpectedly winning marketing style. He regarded second- and third-tier cities as a strategic focus. High-density and high-intensity promotion activities made “Zhengtu” enjoy a very high reputation in a short period of time. He carried out a carpet-like “invasion” of almost all Internet cafes and walked into any Internet cafe. , the posters and cartoons of “Zhengtu” will definitely appear in eye-catching locations, even on door handles and in toilets; he made an advertisement as tacky as Melatonin: “Pay wages to players.” This means that as long as players are online for more than 120 hours per month, they may receive a “full salary” worth 100 yuan, and the details are extremely demanding.

“Super strong execution ability and militarized management” is Shi Yuzhu’s third ” trump card” for his comeback.

It is these three “killer trump cards” that allow Shi Yuzhu to stay in the campReshape the “king image” in the sales industry.



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