China Garment Website_China's popular garment and fashion information platform China Garment News Scanning of fabrics sold in China Zhili Cotton Cloth City in the second half of January 2008

Scanning of fabrics sold in China Zhili Cotton Cloth City in the second half of January 2008

Scanning of fabrics sold in China Zhili Cotton Cloth City in the second half of January 2008 The transaction volume of Zhili Cotton Cloth City dropped significantly in January, esp…

Scanning of fabrics sold in China Zhili Cotton Cloth City in the second half of January 2008

The transaction volume of Zhili Cotton Cloth City dropped significantly in January, especially in the second half of the month when most varieties of transactions were at a standstill. In addition to the shrinkage of rayon fabrics, the prices of other categories in the market remained stable. However, there was some movement in fabric transactions. Among them, cotton stretch corduroy was relatively popular in the second half of January. The product characteristics, prices and other aspects are now as follows:
Cotton stretch corduroy:It is a popular fabric woven with core-spun yarn. It can generally be divided into There are three types: warp elastic, weft elastic and weft elastic. Elastic corduroy is mainly used in young men’s and women’s fashions and trousers. Its advantage is that it is elastic without affecting the original texture of corduroy. Its clothing can adapt to the changes caused by human activities. It stretches in all directions to maintain the stability of wearing performance. It is comfortable to wear and can stretch freely, so it is generally loved by people.
Cotton weft elastic yarn card:The extension and development of cotton yarn card not only maintains the original style and wear-resistant characteristics, but also adds elastic function to cater to the fashionable taste of modern people. This new product uses C20S×16S+70D spandex as raw material, using fine twill weave, with a warp and weft density of 114×52, and is woven on an air-jet loom. It has undergone sophisticated processes such as mercerization, singeing, calendering, sanding, washing, and pad-dying. Processed. With its fine texture, elasticity, comfort, resistance to deformation, and durability, it has become a sales highlight in the fabric market this winter. The fabric width is 71 inches, and the current market price of gray fabric per meter is around 10.00 yuan. In terms of color, beige, rose red, orange, beige, camel gray, extra black, sky blue, grass green and other colors are popular among customers. The fabric can not only be made into fitness pants for young women, but also is a fashionable fabric for casual wear.
Roving card fabric:It is not only a rising star of cotton, but also a fashionable casual fabric. It is understood that this product uses pure cotton yarn 10s It has strong vitality and shows the natural style. Its soft feel, harmonious color and beautiful appearance reflect the fashion of advocating nature. The cloth widths are 63 and 47 inches. In terms of color, beige, camel gray, coffee, rose red, extra black, indigo, autumn green and other colors are popular. It can be used to make casual clothing, shoes and hats, bags, work clothes, etc. The finished garments after processing are elegant and charming in style and have unique alluring charm. Why is this fabric popular? First, it has good extensibility and hygroscopicity. It also has a series of advantages such as wear resistance, alkali resistance, sun resistance, and insect resistance, which can extend its service life; second, it is rich in color and attracts consumers. There is a lot of choice.
T/R gabardine:The warp and weft threads of this fabric are T/R80/20 16*16. According to the 102*54 specification, the fabric uses 2/2 twill weave and is interwoven on a water-jet loom. Made of high quality and refined processing technology. The appearance, feel and color of the cloth are comparable to other gabardines. Because the style is novel and unique, it is stiff yet soft, simple yet fashionable, and rugged yet elegant. Therefore, the market has been going smoothly since its debut. The width of this fabric is 63 inches, and the current market price of white blanks is between 7.00-7.20 yuan/meter. It not only makes professional clothes, but also is an ideal and affordable fabric for making children’s jackets, jackets and trousers. The product has the advantage of being durable and easy to wash. It is currently mainly sold to garment processing intensive areas such as Changshu in Jiangsu, Haicheng in Liaoning, Shaoxing in Zhejiang, and Zhili.
Polyester-cotton yarn:There are many specifications in the cotton cloth city. One of the warp and weft uses T/C yarn 65/35, J45s/2*45s/2 interweaving, the specification is 100*54 ; Became a pearl among the “polyester, cotton and silk” fabrics. It is woven through multiple processes and has the characteristics of fine fabric, stiffness without wrinkles, soft hand feel, good drape, and easy care. It is ideal and affordable for making women’s suits, men’s casual tops, men’s and women’s trousers, and children’s school uniforms. fabric. The width is 47 inches, and the price per meter of gray fabric is about 5.80 yuan/meter. In terms of color, silver grey, pink, emerald green, navy blue, coffee, extra black, earthy yellow and other colors are particularly popular among merchants.
Anti-static white silk yarn card:The warp and weft yarns of this fabric are made of JT/C yarn 21s It is interwoven on a rapier loom. The width of the cloth is 63 inches and the product specification is 108*58. It is processed through sophisticated processes such as stitching, pre-shrinking, shaping, and dyeing. It has won the favor of labor protection apparel companies with its unique advantages such as good hand feel, wrinkle resistance, strong drape, easy care, and strong anti-static properties. The fabric is mainly used to make spring jackets, summer shirts and other work clothes in flammable and explosive places such as petrochemical industry, liquefied gas stations, gas stations, oil depots and tankers. The upper and lower garments are both comfortable, safe and fashionable, catering to the fashionable taste of modern workers.


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