“Sales quality” and “not bad for money”

“Sales quality” and “not bad for money” In terminal sales, we must not only focus on explanation, installation, image, literacy, and sales volume, but espec…

“Sales quality” and “not bad for money”

In terminal sales, we must not only focus on explanation, installation, image, literacy, and sales volume, but especially the quality of sales. People say that we have only heard about sales quantity. Whoever sells more will get more commissions. How can there be sales quality? Now we bring up sales quality and emphasize that this is a very important word, because in our brand strategy, you It doesn’t matter how many units you sell, sometimes the more units you sell can be a disaster. Why?

For example, in rural areas where water quality is poor and corrosion is very strong, if you sell solar energy without anti-corrosion water tanks, corrosion and leakage will occur in a short time and the whole machine will be scrapped; in the Northeast where the temperature is minus 20 to 30 degrees, if you sell products that are not suitable for the Northeast region , which will make it difficult for users to use it in winter and increase maintenance costs. Farmers’ families raise pigs, sheep, cows and chickens. They need a lot of hot water for mixing feed, bathing and wiping cows, and for production. It is likely that a product worth several thousand yuan cannot meet the demand, and tens of thousands of yuan are needed. A set of solar water heating system costs RMB 1,000. At this time, if the salesperson sees a farmer who is not well-dressed and even has a straw rope tied around his waist, he will feel that people cannot afford it and recommend cheap products to them to scare them away. The buyer is a buyer of a solar energy system that costs tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. This really echoes the common people’s saying, “dog eyes look down upon others.”

So, what is sales quality? It refers to the sales behavior that does not target the quantity of sales during the sales process, but focuses on the fundamental interests of users and end-use satisfaction. This kind of sales guide aims to provide consumers with suitable products and meet their real needs. The sales behavior that focuses on sales quality has changed the inertia of selling for the purpose, and shifted to the needs of consumers. You think you can sell a cheap one to customers if they don’t have money. In fact, that’s not true at all, because no matter how poor you are, you still need to take a bath. No matter how poor you are, you also want to buy a better solar water heater. You hope that your wife and children, including you, can use it that is healthy and safe. Hot water, no matter how poor a person is, wants to change his living conditions. If he raises more cows and chickens, he will need more hot water.

Many people from rural areas know that most of the coal burned in rural areas is low-quality coal. As a result, the air quality in some rural areas is worse than that in cities in winter. This has never happened before. The reason is that rural areas are equipped with earth-heated heating. They want to buy coal cheaply but do not understand the coal. As a result, coal dealers take advantage of the loopholes. These low-quality coals not only contain sulfur, but also fluorine. The coals you buy not only emit black smoke, but the smoke also contains a large amount of toxic gases, which is bad for your health. I was happy when I bought cheap coal, but when I burned it, the temperature was not high and the effect was not good. The calorific value of the same ton of coal for 500 yuan may be 6000 kcal, and the calorific value for 300 yuan is 3000-4000 kcal. Ka, it feels twice as cheap, but the calorific value is also twice as low, and the content of impurities with low calorific value and low energy is relatively high. If it is just more stones, it is still lucky. If there are more sulfur and toxic chemicals, then the gain outweighs the gain? Just like the sales of baby milk powder, the more milk powder containing melamine is sold, the more children will suffer.

Whether it is buying coal, buying solar energy, or selling food, sales quality is common to all walks of life. That is, we must provide consumers with suitable products, not cheap or expensive products. Consumers For those who truly desire what they really need, when the price and value match, the consumer’s consumption is “not bad for the money”. Therefore, we must change our mindset, stop focusing on sales quantity, and focus more on sales quality.



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