Product consumer channel adaptation

Channel adaptation of product consumers From the process of products reaching consumers, because we hope to expand the market so that consumers far away from us can also buy our pr…

Channel adaptation of product consumers

From the process of products reaching consumers, because we hope to expand the market so that consumers far away from us can also buy our products, we need to use the help of other people to send our products out. In the process of delivering a product, there should always be one person, and then it can be passed on to the second person, and then the third and fourth person. Due to the space limitations of the market area and the controllable capabilities, in actual work, the number of levels using these channel members basically does not exceed 3.

In fact, we all hope that the fewer members of the channel, the better, so that we can sell the products to consumers ourselves. However, due to our limited capabilities, we must rely on the power of channels.

Different channel members have different functions.

For example, a retailer is the link in a channel that directly faces consumers. Many supermarkets and department stores are retailers; a dealer is an intermediary who distributes the seller’s products on behalf of the buyer. Such dealers and companies generally have The contract stipulates time and geography, and has certain responsibilities for the development and construction of the enterprise in this market.

Therefore, for enterprises, there is never a good choice of channel, only the right one. The level of its channels also exists because of market needs. We can buy products produced in Taiwan, China, in Beijing, and this is done through channels. For large electrical products, companies can directly set up stores in Beijing, but they cannot afford to do this in all small and medium-sized cities, so this needs to be done through channels.

For fast-moving products such as beverages and food, it is obviously not feasible to design exclusive stores. The profits of these fast-moving products are very low. The increase in freight costs when shipped from Guangzhou to Beijing has made it impossible for enterprises to compete with similar local products. Therefore, these low-profit products have their own transportation radius. If the transportation radius is exceeded, it is more cost-effective to build a local factory. In this radius space, companies can use channel members to deepen and penetrate the market; while at the edge of this radius, companies may have problems with product profits and market control.

Therefore, companies would rather leave this area to channel members to penetrate and operate.

Currently, for enterprises, we must first understand which stage we are at now and what kind of products we want to deliver to consumers. Is it a large or small item, an industrial product or a fast-moving product? Our product What kind of choice opportunities are there in front of consumers? These questions should be answered when researching the market, to analyze whether consumers make repeated purchases, nearby purchases, or selective purchases? Is it a rational purchase or an emotional purchase?

After we have thoroughly analyzed these issues, if it is a perceptual purchase, we must adopt the principle of proximity, need intensive channels, and spread our products wherever we can find them. We also need to find suitable channel members to distribute the products nearby as quickly as possible. For example, when looking for an agent, we have to see whether the agent has the ability to distribute products within a certain range.

If we want to do direct sales, then we have to calculate the costs; and before our market reaches a certain scale and the cost is too high, we should consider lower-cost dealers. Therefore, when we choose dealers, we always look for dealers who can deliver products to consumers quickly.

When inspecting dealers, we generally have to grasp the following principles: the dealer has the ability to distribute goods according to our strategy; second, the cost is low; third, the time is short and the speed is fast.

We always hope to deliver goods to consumers as quickly as possible, so when formulating channel policies and selecting channels, we should consider what the acceptance form of our product market is, and then Choose appropriate channels to deliver products to consumers in a short time.



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