The resurgence of marketing management

The Awakening of Marketing Management China’s road to marketization has gone through arduous struggle. From sales to marketing, whether it is a state-owned enterprise or a pr…

The Awakening of Marketing Management

China’s road to marketization has gone through arduous struggle. From sales to marketing, whether it is a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise, everyone has paid enough tuition to the market. There is no need to complain about the late arrival of marketing management in China, because the development of anything requires the accumulation of quantitative changes.

If you want to evaluate the actual Chinese market, you can say this: the Chinese market is more about planning and less about management; more about sensationalism and less about rationality; more about trends and less about personality; More is tradition, less is abandonment; more is imitation, less is integration.

As the Chinese market matures, the solution to the sudden rise, plummet, and short-lived phenomenon of enterprises must fall on management. You must know that after the Chinese market has gone through the period mainly represented by the product stage, advertising stage, public relations stage, brand stage, etc., as the market maturity accelerates, it can no longer be satisfied with the bustling market scene. Moreover, with the demise of one sensational planning activity and the experience of one enterprise after another becoming famous overnight and then collapsing overnight, facing an extremely uncertain future, people can’t help but start to question marketing planning, even though “marketing is The leader of the enterprise.” In enterprises, the understanding that “marketing makes up two-thirds of the world” has become a universal consensus, but is it possible to rely solely on marketing? From a deeper level, for increasingly rational operators, the tempering of the market It has made it not satisfied with market speculation and the formation of original capital, but will maintain and continue its success. The ecstasy of initial success during the period of ignorance and the addictive behavior have given way to the contemplation of maintaining and welcoming greater success after success. In essence, these changes have approached the fundamental issue of corporate survival: how to improve corporate endurance and achieve sustainable development results!

The Miracle of Growth

When we turn over our memories and review the growth process of Chinese enterprises, we will inevitably be amazed. In addition to being amazed at its growth rate, there is also a sense of sadness.

First of all, marketing planning cases are flying everywhere. Chinese enterprises are like inexperienced dolls, unable to withstand the temptation of the market’s flirtatious solicitation and profit-making bodies, and fall into the trap of beauty. The reason lies in lack of determination and low management level. To put it more vividly, marketing is about conquering cities and territories, while management is about establishing market bases.



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