Ip Man’s “Kung Fu” and the “Kung Fu” of Sales

Ip Man’s “Kung Fu” and the “Kung Fu” of Sales “Ip Man”: An outrageous movie!. Classic lines: There are no men who are afraid of their wive…

Ip Man’s “Kung Fu” and the “Kung Fu” of Sales

“Ip Man”: An outrageous movie!.

Classic lines:

There are no men who are afraid of their wives, only men who love their wives.

I am just an ordinary Chinese!.

Ip Man is a low-key person, polite, well-hidden, determined, and loves his family and life. When everyone was silent, he fought with 10 people, knowing that he would die but refused to surrender in a duel with Miura. The moment he was shot and fell to the ground infected all of us. Courage, wisdom, determination, and restrained edge may have more positive meanings than his own martial arts. It is this invisible martial arts that makes him so extraordinary, so unpretentious, and “handsome” in one word.

Can be astonishing in every situation but not astonished in every situation. “Ip Man” has deeply inspired us. What Kung Fu pays attention to is the solid foundation. There are so many invisible efforts behind the brilliance, which is why it is so beautiful and shocking at the critical moment.

In today’s impetuous society, many people talk about creativity and courage. If you don’t pay attention to the basics, that is, if you don’t have the skills, how can you excel? The result of rushing forward is sad. Sales also take effort. So what is kung fu in our actual management and marketing process? The elephant is invisible. Do you have the kung fu in the subtle management, sales, after-sales, stores, and teams? In fact, it is very simple. If you really put in a lot of down-to-earth work, you will be successful. You will feel the effort! Even if there is a lot of hard work, it is also a carefully crafted work of art.

Needless to say, the author explains it with his own experience.

“I remember Jiangdong’s poems are good, the light smoke trees are X state” X city is the hometown of Li Bai, with beautiful mountains and clear waters and pleasant climate. The author has been operating this market since 2007. When I first took over, the market was fragmented, the popularity was very poor, and the sales were sluggish. After one year of hard work, I won an award at this year’s National Marketing Conference. It can be said that now it is in order, developing rapidly, and achieving success. A qualitative leap. After watching “Ip Man”, I thought it was a very cool movie; as I walked step by step in this market and looked at the market that I had carefully crafted, I also felt very cool. Looking forward to sunny days every morning and every night, the author has a lot of feelings and summarizes some of his experiences in market management over the past year. Let me review and summarize it and share it with you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in your future work.

1. Every morning. (In-depth morning meeting system)

Every day when the sun shines on the earth at “8 o’clock”, our morning meeting starts on time.

There must be a morning meeting here at 8 o’clock every morning. I usually preside over it. All employees sit together to discuss the gains and losses of the work. Everyone works together to get the job done. Basically everyone can speak at the meeting. Everyone brainstorms and explains problems thoroughly, which also facilitates the execution of work and strengthens the team’s common vision. In fact, everyone’s abilities will be improved without even realizing it. Generally speaking, a problem encountered in daily meetings is that there is nothing to say after a long time, and the meeting becomes a mere formality and ends awkwardly. But not here, because we are a mechanism that pays attention to details and has long-term meeting planning.

First of all, let’s talk about it as a mechanism to capture details.

The service is endless! What we need is to constantly improve ourselves and constantly improve our service and management levels. From this point of view, there should be no end to grasping the details, so this kind of meeting has the necessity and reason to exist every day. We have standardized a good problem collection system, which includes telephone return visits, regular random visits by leaders, and daily feedback from store after-sales personnel (there must be written reports before get off work the day before each day) and then I will summarize them. Organizing, so every morning I always have some information on hand, which is about the execution and control of details. During the meeting, I am more concerned about the solution of the problem and the current situation. I will not criticize or punish anyone. I will only explain the right, wrong and impact of this matter as an elder brother, persuade you with reason, and exert my best efforts. That kind of non-positional influence makes you feel, “Oh, this is wrong, I should be like that.” So our team has always gotten along very well.

The second is to do it as a long-term meeting plan.

Because the development of the team has a process, employees’ progress is also unconscious. In addition to in-depth summary of details and specifications and changing slogans every day to boost morale, it is learning and planning. Planned learning is: 1. Learning. 2. Examinations and assessments. 3. Situational simulation. These three stages are a year’s study plan, and the next year’s plan is made at the beginning of each year. Very few people here will go to lectures in society (real success is invisible). The learning method is very practical, and we think that everything that comes from reality is more useful. Among my friends and acquaintances, there are many successful people in the business world. I am often invited to do some training for employees through personal relationships. In fact, it is a simple and relaxed dialogue. This training method is closer to reality, relaxed and Pleasure makes employees improve without realizing it, and it is also very popular among employees.

2. Every night. (Evening meetings and social marketing)

Month�Used for deliveries and repairs. Establish a close relationship and gradually synchronize the door image, other advertising, and sales. This kind of operation is something that no one else has in the township market. It is an unprecedented operational ability to control the market.

4. Ending.

Looking at the market where I am working hard, I feel the same. Sales skills are obtained with your own hard work and unremitting efforts. Just like Ip Man’s true martial arts is invisible, the impassioned burst out in the difficult times was accumulated in ordinary times, especially with the market. In a market full of red seas, one year’s planning, one step, Step by step, it requires unremitting efforts. Looking back now, I see that I have carefully crafted the market. I have put a lot of effort into it, so I will write down some of my experiences that I think are good. I hope it can be helpful to everyone and make solid efforts in the market.



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