Learn “sensitive point” marketing

Learn “sensitive point” marketing ​  “Learning to understand people and knowing what others need is always the task of manufacturers.” The purchasing power of consumers…

Learn “sensitive point” marketing

 “Learning to understand people and knowing what others need is always the task of manufacturers.”

The purchasing power of consumers has increased due to the progress of social harmony. The market is always changing, and people’s unfulfilled needs always appear. Therefore, there are always vacancies in the market and unsatisfied places. Under this premise, a Strategic new ideas (seizing the vacancies in thinking) are born in this area. This place requires enterprises to amplify, that is, seize the vacancies in thinking, compete for market vacancies, and meet the greater needs of consumers. Use sensitive points to influence consumers, because consumers’ desire to buy needs good brands to guide and stimulate them, and good brands need new sensitive points to allow more consumers to enjoy its added value.

The “sensitive point marketing” mentioned in this article is to study how to make consumers extremely sensitive to the appeal of a certain brand’s products, so that they can smell a distinctive feeling in the product, so that consumers can quickly become attracted to it. Purchasing motivation creates a strong desire to buy, allowing consumers to pay attention to you. A large amount of popularity will spread to your brand, and they may even queue up to buy it. It should be noted that sensitive points vary due to changes in time and space and other environments, and innovation is required to establish stimulation. This is reflected in point-type rolling breakthroughs in marketing, which is extremely explosive and innovative.

And enterprises, to seize sensitive points, can always take one step in the face of opportunities and speed, and quickly seize the highest point or gap in the market. It can quickly enhance the brand by stimulating sensitive points and make the company famous all over the world. An enterprise without sensitive points in its products and marketing cannot make waves in the market. Market competition must make your enterprise dynamic in the market!

There are many sensitive points, such as products, topics, physiological parts, sex, privacy, policies and other sensitive matters that we usually talk about. What we focus on here is how to use creative sensitivity in marketing to spread and shape the brand, so that consumers can enjoy the novelty and beauty of their purchasing needs.

“Sensitive” issues, in addition to involving legal restricted areas, often become worthy of reporting. After being exposed by reporters, fresh and unique voices are made on “sensitive” issues, attracting public attention. There are also people who take secret photos of sensitive things and expose them, and the sensitive points suddenly become eye-catching news. Since sensitive events are so valuable to report, they have novel characteristics since they were born. In the integrated promotion, they can maximize the resources of the company and quickly release them at a low cost, making a huge difference!

Especially in the face of homogeneous competition, the similarity of key marketing factors has left many industries with little freshness. Finding valuable sensitive points for innovative marketing in the industry is a new way out.

How to find sensitive points?

That is to seize the vacancy in thinking, find the ubiquitous possibilities, form a preliminary plan through intuition and sudden enlightenment, and then, after analysis and evaluation, emphasize the various internal and fresh connections found, gain insight into the internal and external causes of things, and analyze the causes. The result is to create conditions for things to be interconnected, integrated, mixed, mixed, and transformed into a new unity. These factors can find entry points in foreign lands, that is, to jump out of industries, cross products, go beyond national borders, and move towards what seems to be possible. Possible areas that are out of reach, etc., to identify sensitive points, and attack the market in a different way.

Sensitive point marketing is a supplement to traditional marketing. If it is combined with news marketing to jointly make up for the shortcomings of competition in the traditional marketing field, and release the marketing pressure of expensive advertising activities from an alternative perspective, it will cost the company low costs. growing up very fast.



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