Baidu’s web search share in 2008 hit a new high of 73.2%

Baidu’s web search share in 2008 hit a new high of 73.2% At the beginning of the new year, the big Chinese search engine Baidu started the new year with a huge benefit. Accor…

Baidu’s web search share in 2008 hit a new high of 73.2%

At the beginning of the new year, the big Chinese search engine Baidu started the new year with a huge benefit. According to new statistics from iUserTracker, a domestic Internet research and consulting agency, Baidu processed a total of 109.6 billion web search requests in 2008, accounting for 73.2% of the Chinese search market. This number is the same as Baidu’s 72.6% in 2007. Compared with % share, it increased by 0.6 percentage points and reached a new record high.

Cao Junbo, chief analyst of iResearch, said: “In 2008, China’s search engine market continued to show the trend of the strong getting stronger. Baidu continued to grow with a high share and occupied an absolutely dominant market position.”

“I am very happy to see Baidu’s market share growing again. This is a good reward for the hard work and dedication of all Baidu employees in the past year. I also sincerely thank the majority of Internet users for choosing and supporting Baidu.” Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li said, “In the future, Baidu will continue to invest in research and development, continue to innovate in technology and products, and provide netizens with better search experiences and services.”

The reason why Baidu leads the search engine industry with a high share is inseparable from its continuous and huge investment in products and R&D in the field of Chinese search. It is understood that Baidu’s annual investment in search engine technology research and development and products exceeds 1/3 of the company’s annual revenue. For the whole of 2008, it was as high as approximately 1 billion yuan.

In addition to huge investment in research and development, Baidu has also carefully laid out its reserve of top scientific and technological talents. The competition among search engines is essentially a battle for talent, and most of the top software engineers are working on search engines. Baidu has attached great importance to talent investment since its establishment. It has attracted hundreds of overseas students to return to China, including many graduates from prestigious schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley. It has also given more guidance than major majors in recruiting fresh graduates. More competitive salaries in multinational companies. Baidu currently has more than 2,000 top search engine product and technical engineers who are competitive in scope, and has become the first Internet company in China to have a postdoctoral workstation. In addition, Baidu has established a series of search behavior research centers and search technology R&D centers with top universities in China, including Peking University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, establishing a two-way channel for the flow of technology and talent between enterprises and universities.

Hold high the banner of technology and talent. In 2008, Baidu launched many cutting-edge technological innovations that shocked the industry, such as crystal storage. In December 2008, Baidu Shanghai R&D Center was unveiled and announced the next-generation search engine “Aladdin Platform Plan” to the outside world for the first time, allowing searches to begin to cover “dark web” information that cannot be captured by existing technologies on the Internet, to better to meet the increasingly complex information acquisition needs of netizens. In fact, it is Baidu’s continuous R&D investment and painstaking research and experience accumulation on user needs over the years that make it the choice for the vast majority of Internet users to obtain information.

2008 is of great historical significance for China’s Internet. As early as the beginning of 2008, the number of Internet users in China had reached 225 million, surpassing the United States for the first time and becoming the country with the most Internet users. By the end of the year, the number had further increased to 298 million, widening the gap between the number of Internet users in China and other countries. This is another landmark milestone in China’s Internet development after the number of web search requests in China surpassed that of the United States in 2007.

In this context, Baidu’s continued market share is of great significance to both Baidu itself and China. With a market share of 73.2%, Baidu once again proves that Baidu is a good Chinese search engine and can provide Chinese users with convenient ways to obtain information and the best search experience. The continuous increase in search traffic provides Chinese companies with an effective marketing platform with high return on investment. In today’s economic environment, it has a profound impact on promoting the growth and development of Chinese companies.

Industry experts said that search engine technology is the core technology that promotes the development of the Internet industry. Baidu’s high share leads the search engine market, which is a symbol of China’s powerful search engine with independent intellectual property rights. This will help China lead Internet innovation and Lay a solid foundation by playing a more important leading role in application trends.



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