Cement + Mouse: The new integrated marketing communications

Cement + Mouse: New Integrated Marketing Communications In the past thirty years of reform and opening up, China’s market environment has continued to mature; and driven by …

Cement + Mouse: New Integrated Marketing Communications

In the past thirty years of reform and opening up, China’s market environment has continued to mature; and driven by the dual promotion of market economy development and economicization, many Chinese companies have increasingly integrated into the market economy operating system. However, in the face of the severe economic environment at home and abroad, such as the financial turmoil sweeping across the country and the economic recession of various countries; the appreciation of the RMB and the shrinkage of export trade; the promulgation of new labor laws and the increase in enterprise labor costs, how do small and medium-sized enterprises face the current severe economic situation at home and abroad? Survive the “hard winter” of the economic crisis? This has become a hot issue of concern to the industry.

In the face of the financial crisis and the appreciation of the RMB, a large number of export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the fate of bankruptcy. Some of them have also begun to change their market strategies, changing their previous export-oriented or OEM-oriented development strategies, and instead began to build their own brands. Committed to the development of the domestic market. However, for these “latecomer” companies in the domestic sales market, how to quickly and effectively establish market space and maintain the healthy operation of the capital chain and cash flow? This is a problem that companies urgently need to solve.

After more than ten years of development, the media attributes, social attributes and economic value of online media have been increasingly reflected; therefore, the development of online media provides enterprises with a good brand marketing communication platform. The development of B2C platforms such as Dangdang, Joyo, and Taobao Mall has provided a good market benchmark for small and medium-sized enterprises. When “cement” meets “mouse”, the real economy and the network economy penetrate each other, which is an opportunity full of business opportunities and challenges for any enterprise.

Network: Integrated platform of “marketing + communication”

The online platform can achieve effective integration of brand communication and brand marketing. In the traditional marketing communication environment, brand marketing communication activities are only a link in the 4P marketing mix. Therefore, the achievement of brand consumption behavior is also affected by multiple factors such as channels, prices, packaging, etc.; through the use of network platforms, network platforms Make full efforts in the four links of consumer, cost, convenience and communication in the 4C marketing mix. The online platform can not only effectively reduce marketing communication costs, but also facilitate consumers’ involvement in brand interactions, achieve communication between consumers and brands, and achieve brand purchasing behavior.

As the largest B2B and B2C e-commerce platform in China, Taobao has also made strong explorations in fully utilizing the integrated functions of online platforms in marketing and communication. On September 4, 2008, Alibaba Group announced that it would officially launch the “Big Taobao Strategy” – Taobao and Alimama will merge and develop from now on to jointly create a large e-commerce ecosystem. Taobao currently has built a huge business ecosystem, including buyers, sellers, payment, logistics, finance, search and other systems. This open and completely free competition ecosystem has changed the way traditional companies do business. It is also changing the consumption behavior patterns of consumers. After Alimama was integrated into Taobao, it filled a gap in the business ecosystem – marketing communication. Alimama and these systems within the Taobao system complement each other, release the brand marketing needs of enterprises and individual users, and fully tap the power of Internet carriers. potential to help merchants, small and medium-sized websites and consumers maximize overall benefits.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, how can they give full play to the integrated marketing communication function of the network platform and quickly and effectively establish their own market space, so as to achieve a smooth winter for the enterprise? This is a problem that all small businesses urgently need to solve. At present, many domestic and foreign companies have made favorable explorations in this area. We hope that through the integration of “online sales + offline experience”, “free use + communication marketing”, and “online communication + online marketing” The analysis of innovative integrated marketing communication cases such as integration and the integration of “catalog marketing + online marketing” provides some reference for small and medium-sized enterprises to survive the winter.

Diamond Bird: Integration of “Offline Experience + Online Marketing”

In July 2002, Xu Xiao posted some photos of diamond jewelry on his online store and became the first merchant to sell diamonds in an online store. In 2004, Diamond Bird won the title of “Ebay’s Most Integrity Seller” with 100% positive reviews. However, after more than a year of online sales, the Xu brothers and sisters felt that although their 50% cheaper prices and honest and trustworthy diamond quality attracted many customers, a considerable number of customers were still hesitant. Therefore, in October 2004, the “Diamond Experience Center” established by Shanghai City God Temple was opened. After the sales increased five times that month, Diamond Bird began to stabilize the “mouse + cement” “offline experience + online sales” ” business model.

In terms of brand marketing channel construction, Diamond Bird has not turned the experience store into a traditional store. As a sales channel, promotion and sales still rely on online promotion. The experience store mainly satisfies the customer’s psychology of seeing is believing. demand, which is also the solution to the lack of integrity and trust in China’s current market economy. On the one hand, the traditional cost of rent, labor costs, and working capital occupation can be returned to consumers. On the other hand, the offline experience center refines services and provides one-to-one offline consulting services, tailored to customers. Custom diamond jewelry. Saves a lot of money in the traditional diamond industryThrough market segmentation and focus communication on market segments, brand information can be widely communicated. On the basis of focus, “fragmented” focus markets can be aggregated through network platforms to achieve the integration of corporate marketing communication activities.

So as the network matures and develops, the influence of the network economy will gradually penetrate into all aspects of the social economy, and have an impact on traditional enterprise production methods, organizational forms, management models, business strategies, trade channels, marketing concepts, etc. posed powerful challenges. If an enterprise wants to win the initiative in market competition, it must establish a fast, mobile, flexible and efficient production organization system and operation management system that is suitable for the network time economy based on the grasp of marketing environment trends and consumer insights to realize the enterprise’s direction. The transformation of the “cement + mouse” light company model.



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