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Four major public service platform construction projects support textile innovation

Four major public service platform construction projects support textile innovation It is a good time for the textile industry to adjust and revitalize the plan and a series of sup…

Four major public service platform construction projects support textile innovation

It is a good time for the textile industry to adjust and revitalize the plan and a series of supporting measures. On February 13, the Chinese Academy of Textile Sciences held an acceptance meeting for the four major textile industry public service platform construction projects in Beijing. The construction of the fiber material engineering technology innovation service platform, the construction of the public service platform for textile standard testing, the construction of the Shaoxing textile industry innovation public service platform, and the construction of the textile science and technology literature database directly address the weak links of the current textile industry – basic research and industry The construction of public services, with the purpose of “integration, sharing, service and innovation”, has played a supportive and supportive role in the adjustment and revitalization of the textile industry. As the project review expert committee evaluated the four projects: the project is for industry structure adjustment, Technological progress and brand innovation have played an important role.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced on the spot that the four major platform construction projects were the “textile industry accelerating structural adjustment in the textile industry to accelerate structural adjustment and transforming growth methods in 2005 “Special Project for Transforming Growth Mode” aims to support the construction of public service platforms. The China Textile Science Research Institute, the project undertaker, used its talent and resource advantages in three years to achieve the expected goals of the four major projects, benefiting a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises from the projects. According to a survey by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a number of project partner companies have achieved good results despite the financial crisis due to their implementation of technological innovation and product innovation.
The fiber material engineering technology innovation service platform construction project serves the engineering technology development of new varieties, new processes and new key equipment in my country’s chemical fiber industry through the implementation and operation of the fiber material engineering technology innovation service platform. and industrialization, which has enhanced the independent innovation capabilities of my country’s chemical fiber industry. The project review expert committee believes that the project is based on industry needs and has achieved great results in the development of engineering technologies for new high-performance fibers such as high-performance polyphenylene sulfide fiber, high-performance polyethylene fiber, carbon black conductive fiber, and new solvent-based cellulose fiber. A series of major breakthroughs and innovations were achieved. In the form of a “turnkey” project, the country’s first polyphenylene sulfide fiber production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons using domestic raw materials was built. The successful implementation of the 300 tons/year high-performance polyethylene fiber dry spinning construction project has filled a domestic gap. It pioneered the one-step spinning conductive filament process in China, and created the original “FDY+short fiberization post-processing” composite conductive short fiber process, enabling a set of equipment to combine the flexible production functions of conductive filaments and conductive short fibers. . A new solvent-based continuous dissolution of cellulose fiber with independent intellectual property rights – a complete set of spinning software and hardware technologies has been formed, and a complete set of technical software packages for kiloton-level production lines has been compiled, laying a relatively solid technical foundation for industrialization.

The project has completed the appraisal and acceptance of 32 scientific research results; 23 national patents are applied, of which 20 patents have been invested, and 11 patents are obtained; 3 scientific and technological progress awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level are obtained. Through the cooperative development of industry, academia and research on various projects, it provides professional services such as sample analysis, technical consultation, technology development, and technology transfer to domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, giving full play to the public service function of the platform for the industry. In the field of fiber materials, a series of industrial transformation and technological radiation of major scientific research results have been carried out, which has promoted the structural adjustment of the chemical fiber industry and the improvement of the industry’s independent innovation capabilities.
The Textile Standards Testing Public Service Platform has established smooth connections with many domestic and foreign standardization institutions, making its standards platform a domestic authoritative, comprehensive, real-time and effective standardization resource network. The standard database with 4 functions and the technical information database composed of 8 sections have realized the provision of authoritative, comprehensive and fast textile standards, standard material query, retrieval, consultation and other standardized services to the society. Through the acquisition of advanced equipment, detection capabilities have been improved. Seven branches or workstations have been built, forming a national-level testing service network with reasonable layout, deep into industrial clusters, and radiating across the country to provide a full range of services for the textile industry.
The testing network directly serves more than 2,000 companies. From 2007 to 2008, it held more than 30 testing trainings for companies, and provided services for more than 200 companies in metrology verification, construction laboratories, product certification, etc., and It has played a role in guiding the construction of local testing institutions and testing service platforms.

Shaoxing Textile Industry Innovation Public Service Platform has penetrated into a large industrial cluster, effectively integrates various social scientific and technological resources, and promotes the regional textile industry.It provides support and services for structural adjustment, industrial development and transformation of growth patterns. Relying on the technology of China Textile Research Institute, the platform promotes the application and promotion of functional and differentiated fibers such as composite conductive fibers, microporous polyester fibers, antibacterial fibers, and cooperates with enterprises to develop new products, new technologies, and new process projects 12 It has participated in 7 project promotion projects such as continuous polymerization of flexible polyester technology, and has provided good services to more than 60 local companies, creating significant economic and social benefits. At the same time, the platform has trained 1,800 managers and technical personnel for enterprises by holding special training and report meetings on common key technologies in the textile dyeing and finishing industry, new textile materials, international new textile technologies and textile standards.

The construction of the textile science and technology literature library, while integrating the original information resources and enhanced the service functions such as retrieval, completed the digital processing of the total number of main collections of scientific and technological documents of 260,000. , fiber materials, technical standards, literature and other 30 information databases. It has formed a professional information resource network with textile science and technology information resources as the main body and interdisciplinary related disciplines. It is an open textile science and technology information database facing the whole society, serving the whole industry and having textile professional characteristics.


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