What kind of fabric is wool? What are the characteristics?

Wool refers to wool in the field of fabrics. When we see 100% wool on clothes, it means that the clothes are called pure wool. Wool fabrics are of high value and of course have a w…

Wool refers to wool in the field of fabrics. When we see 100% wool on clothes, it means that the clothes are called pure wool. Wool fabrics are of high value and of course have a wide range of uses. For example, we wear Wool sweaters, wool felt and other products are all made of wool. Of course, wool also has many characteristics. This is also the reason why wool products are more expensive. So below, I will introduce to you some characteristics of wool fabrics.

Characteristics of wool fabrics:
Most of our wool clothes are made of sheep wool, because wool is difficult to obtain and process compared to other cotton and linen fabrics, and the price is high. Wool will be much higher. For example, Zegna’s suits made of high-count pure wool fabrics basically cost tens of thousands of dollars. Sheep use their fur to resist severe cold, so wool fabrics naturally have extremely high warmth retention properties. Therefore, wool is generally only used to make warm clothes in autumn and winter.

Wool fabric feels soft and thick, the cloth surface is delicate and has clear texture, and wool fibers are closely arranged. This is one of the reasons why wool can keep warm. Secondly, wool has excellent water absorption properties, and its moisture content It is very compatible with human skin, so wool fabric will be very comfortable to wear.

Of course, wool fabrics are more difficult to take care of than other cotton, linen or chemical fiber fabrics. It is recommended to take high-value wool fabrics such as suits and trousers to a dry cleaner. Pay attention to oil stains and other stains when wearing them. Items with oxidizing properties should be stored in a dry place when not worn. Wool is easily eaten by insects, so it is best to put a few mothballs or insect repellent.

The above is an introduction to wool fabrics. Of course, Hall 3 Mall (www.tpu-ptfe.com) also sells wool fabrics and other fabrics. Friends who want to buy fabrics can go to the mall. Check styles and prices. Below I would like to recommend a wool fabric that is sold more frequently in the mall of Hall 3.

Wool woolen cloth: The composition of this fabric is 50% wool + 50% viscose. The width and weight of woolen woolen cloth are 150cm and 580g/m² respectively. The fabric is plump and fluffy and can be used to make coats, dresses, trousers and other clothing. The price of the fabric is 133 yuan per meter.


Author: clsrich