What is organza? How to deal with wrinkled organza?

Organza is a type of material used to make wedding dresses and other decorations (decorative bags). The fabric is generally transparent or translucent. The raw material for the pro…

Organza is a type of material used to make wedding dresses and other decorations (decorative bags). The fabric is generally transparent or translucent. The raw material for the production of organza is generally polyester. Of course, some use cotton or mulberry silk. The wholesale price of polyester organza can be bought for 30 yuan per meter, while cotton costs more than 10 yuan per meter. Made of mulberry silk Ready-made organza is the most expensive, usually around 20 yuan per meter. Organza has many advantages and disadvantages. Below, I will introduce to you the fabric of organza and how to deal with wrinkled organza.

Features of organza:
The texture of organza is light and thin, with good drape and elegance. The gauze has a pore-like structure, so it will also It has very good breathability, but a big drawback of organza is that it feels very hard. Organza made of chemical fiber products will be even harder, so clothes made of organza basically have to add A layer of interlining will irritate people if worn close to the body, and organza is prone to wrinkles after use. Below, I will share with you how to deal with wrinkles in organza.

① Organza can be processed by washing. Soak the wrinkled organza in cold water for about 5 minutes. During this period, add some softener to the cold water. After washing, place it in a ventilated place. Just dry it in the shade. Organza is easy to wash and dry. Do not expose this type of fabric to the sun.

②You can also put the wrinkled organza into a plastic bag. Always keep the organza flat and do not fold it. Of course, put it in a clean refrigerator to refrigerate. Generally, it takes about two or three hours to take out the organza. The yarn will no longer wrinkle.

③The best way to deal with wrinkles is of course ironing, but because the organza material is relatively brittle, you should pay attention to the ironing time and temperature, and it is better to iron by hanging.

Of course, we must also learn to use the correct method to maintain organza. For example, do not soak organza in water for a long time. It must be hung for collection, and the surrounding environment must be kept ventilated. Mall There are also wholesale and retail services for organza fabrics. Friends who want to buy organza can search for “organza” in the mall to check the price.


Author: clsrich