What are the fabrics that are not prone to pilling?

In addition to paying attention to the price when buying clothes, everyone is also extremely concerned about issues such as shrinkage and pilling. Pilling will not only affect the …

In addition to paying attention to the price when buying clothes, everyone is also extremely concerned about issues such as shrinkage and pilling. Pilling will not only affect the appearance of the clothes, but also shorten the use cycle of the clothes to varying degrees. In order to help everyone buy clothes that are not For clothes that pill, let me introduce to you some fabrics that are not prone to pilling.

In fact, our common cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics will more or less have pilling after being washed or used for a long time. This is unavoidable and we can only correct it through correct Use proper maintenance and washing methods to minimize the degree of pilling, such as not washing with warm water, not washing too hard, etc. Of course, there are still some fabrics that are more resistant to pilling.

Cotton fabrics: Generally speaking, this type of fabric is relatively resistant to pilling. The pure cotton T-shirts and shirts we buy are not easy to pill, but pure cotton fabrics also have certain defects. , the fabric wrinkles easily after washing, but it can be solved by ironing. Overall, cotton is a fabric with very good performance in all aspects.

Linen fabric: Linen is also a type of fabric that is not easy to pill. This is determined by the fiber structure of linen. Linen fabric is breathable and cool, and can be used to produce summer clothing. Of course, the texture of linen will be better than that of pure linen. Cotton is much harder, so the overall wearing experience is not as good as pure cotton.

The above-mentioned are clothing fabrics that are less prone to pilling. Of course, there are also types of fabrics that are relatively easy to pill, such as polyester, acrylic and other chemical fiber fabrics. Although the production cost is low, It is very easy to pill after washing. If you are concerned, it is best not to buy this kind of product.

We also provide retail and wholesale services for various fabrics. Friends who want to buy or want to know more about fabrics can go to the mall in Hall 3 for details. Here we also recommend a fabric that is not easy to pill.

21s knitted cotton and linen fabric: This fabric is made of 55%+45% cotton blend. The width and weight of the fabric are 155cm and 140g/m². The fabric is slightly elastic, thin and very soft. It is suitable for producing spring and summer T-shirts, bottoming shirts, vests and other clothing. The wholesale price of the fabric is 25 yuan/meter.


Author: clsrich