What kind of fabric is best for a sun protection shirt?

It is said that white hides three ugliness, and the sun has become the “public enemy” of those who love beauty. Especially friends who go to the beach or mountain climb…

It is said that white hides three ugliness, and the sun has become the “public enemy” of those who love beauty. Especially friends who go to the beach or mountain climbing have more opportunities to come into contact with the sun, and some of the clothes we usually wear can prevent The ability of ultraviolet rays is very limited, so people’s demand for sun protection shirts is increasing. So what kind of fabric are sun protection shirts generally made of? What kind of fabric is best for sun protection shirts? The editor will solve this problem with you below.

The first thing to say is that there are many types of sun protection shirts. Common ones include jackets similar to jackets, and there is also a decorative jacket for women. No matter what kind, most of the fabrics they choose for production are chemical fiber fabrics. First, the cost is lower, and second, the chemical fiber itself has a certain ability to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Polyester (polyester fiber) sun protection shirt:
In addition to its high toughness and strength, polyester fiber also has very good UV protection ability, which is also used in the production of sun protection shirts. Adding a sunscreen coating to the outside of the clothes will not only protect them from the sun and be wear-resistant, but they are also easy to wash and dry. Therefore, polyester is a very suitable fabric for making sunscreen shirts.

Nylon (nylon) sun protection shirt:
In addition to good UV protection, nylon sun protection shirt is also very waterproof and has good windproof effect, so it is on the market A large part of sun protection shirts are made of nylon. The price is similar to polyester but its performance is better than polyester in all aspects.

Blended sun protection shirts:
This type of sun protection shirts are generally customized according to customer needs. Common ones are nylon/polyester fiber blended with cotton or other fibers. The price is based on the use. It depends on the fabric. Of course, the sun protection function is also excellent.

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Author: clsrich