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A new round of growth is brewing in the new economic environment

A new round of growth is brewing in the new economic environment As leaders of the China Textile Industry Association said in interviews with the media, the textile industry adjust…

A new round of growth is brewing in the new economic environment

As leaders of the China Textile Industry Association said in interviews with the media, the textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan is based on the current situation, takes a long-term perspective, and treats both the symptoms and root causes. It will play an active and important role in curbing the decline of the industry, accelerating industrial structure adjustment, and maintaining stable growth. role.

Restore to rational understanding of industrial status. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, my country’s advantageous manufacturing industries, including the textile industry, have played a positive role in my country’s economic development, improvement of international competitiveness, and social employment. Of course, in the process of taking a new industrialization path and further improving international competitiveness, these industries must change their development models and adjust their industrial structures. However, it is irrational to regard these industries as “sunset industries”, “low value-added industries” and “low-end industries”. Instead of helping the industry to improve over a long period of time, these understandings have destroyed the development of the industry. The normal order and environment have shaken the confidence of some entrepreneurs to a certain extent. Therefore, the introduction of the “Plan” is the restoration of the entire society’s rational understanding of the textile industry.

The embodiment of the scientific choice of economic theory. Since the beginning of the 21st century, many economic theories at home and abroad have analyzed the manufacturing industry, including the textile industry. Some are helpful, while others are misleading. The first is to simply use traditional theories to analyze industrial development under the conditions of economicization and informatization; the second is to simply use some development models of developed countries to measure and require the development of China’s industries, regardless of the stage and reality of my country’s economic development. It is precisely under the impact of the current financial crisis on the economy that honest economists at home and abroad have seen the consequences of exaggerating the role of the “virtual economy” and the “virtual economy” bubble that is divorced from the real economy, and have actively put forward a series of serious measures Perspectives on the role of the real economy in economic development. It can be considered that the “Plan” defines the textile industry as a traditional pillar industry of the national economy, an important people’s livelihood industry, and an industry with obvious international competitive advantages. It is a reflection of the scientific choice of economic theory.

The promotion of confidence in the development of enterprises. It was precisely during this period that some misunderstandings about the textile and garment industry, some industrial policies, and inappropriate measures by some local governments and departments greatly affected the development of enterprises and severely dampened the confidence of entrepreneurs. The “Plan” not only redefines the important role and position of the textile industry in the national economy, but also proposes a series of measures, including project fund support, an increase in the export tax rebate rate, the establishment of corporate financing channels, etc., and more importantly, for the textile industry The industry has re-created an atmosphere of advantage, which has enhanced the confidence of entrepreneurs to overcome the impact of the financial crisis and survive the “cold winter”.
 Guidance on the correct trajectory of transformation and improvement. The re-establishment of industrial status and the further enhancement of development confidence do not mean that enterprise development can follow the old path, nor is it a simple return to the industrial model. The “Plan” fully embodies the idea of ​​the scientific outlook on development. From a long-term and practical perspective, the adjustment and improvement of the industry, the adaptation to different markets, the consideration of domestic and foreign needs, the optimization of industrial layout, brand cultivation and technological innovation are all It puts forward practical requirements for large enterprises to drive small enterprises to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industrial chain, and guides the direction for the development of my country’s textile industry.

The introduction of “Planning” is just a new round of development in the textile industry under the conditions of the new economic environment.


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